Dr Suzy Imber – Adventurer, Speaker & Author

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Tori is an accomplished keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience inspiring audiences across the globe. Her keynote presentation Altitude & Attitude will take you on a journey into the ‘death zone’ on Everest and provide powerful lessons for you and your organisation. Have you ever wondered how going backwards can sometimes enable you to go forwards? What does it take to cut your losses, accept the sunk costs and change tack in order to reach your ultimate goal? Surviving and thriving in extreme environments requires more than speed, fitness and stamina – mindset matters.

Not only will you gain an insight into life at sub-zero but Tori demonstrates the importance of developing meaningful goals, managing risk and dealing with setbacks. She looks at what it takes to be a high performing team as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by their leaders. Tori explores the concept of leading into the unknown highlighting that the leadership skills required on Everest are not unique to the mountain, but also essential to boardrooms and leadership teams. In sharing the enormous challenge she and her team undertook she unravels the detailed planning and goal setting that dominated the preparation phases and asks the question, are your goals helping you to realise your vision? Setting foot in any new environment requires acclimatisation and an acceptance that progress towards your goal is unlikely to be a linear one.

Her 72 day expedition provides numerous examples of developing meaningful milestones and the importance of a can-do attitude in the face of unforeseen setbacks. The unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of Everest’s Khumbu Icefall enables Tori to share the team’s approach to risk and decision making on the mountain and highlight the importance of strong leadership, interpersonal relationships and external expertise. Tori’s vivid account of the physical and psychological demands of altitude brings to life the concept of resilience and how developing a growth mindset can enable personal and organisational growth. She promotes the importance of celebrating small achievements long before the end goal is in sight.