Jana Dowling  – From Depression to Female Founder of a Tech Startup

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Jana currently is the founder of Arkeo, a fitness brand that’s developed a mental fitness tracking app. Jana’s mission is to change the way people think about what it means to be “fit” to include tracking mental fitness in the exact same way we do our physical fitness. 

As an inspirational thought-leader, she has been interviewed on the BBC, LondonLive, featured in The Huffington Post and delivered training for the likes of Sky and BDO.

Before her change in career, Jana worked as a producer in TV, in fashion publishing, and has performed as a stand-up comedian at the likes of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Arkeo founder, Jana Dowling, shares her very personal business journey in talks. 

Four  years ago Jana suffered a severe depressive episode where she spent five weeks under 24-hour watch as a high risk suicide patient.

It’s safe to say that this was the worst time of her  life. 

As she was coming out of the episode, she realised the impact of what had happened to me; it didn’t just happen to me but it happened to my friends, family, work colleagues. 

Everyone was affected by her  illness.

She  knew that she wasn’t well enough to work so instead she took her recovery on like it was her  job and started to track everything she was doing. 

The development of the myarkeo app

Jana built a tracking system and she used the data from it to make decisions because she couldn’t always trust that her feelings or thoughts would propel her  in the right direction.

It worked and she was back to work within three months but felt that she wasn’t very good or useful. 

While helping everyone for free was rewarding in itself, it wasn’t sustainable as she wasn’t getting an income and it was hard to keep the enterprise going.