Soraya Fouladi – Entrepreneur, CEO Jara, Forbes 30Under30

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Diversity & Inclusion
Finding Purpose
Personal Development
Minority Women
Humanitarian Work
Women in Tech
Minorities in Tech
Emotional Intelligence
Overcoming Adversity
Future of Work
Future Trends
Team Work
Climate Change
World Affairs
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Soraya Fouladi Inspirational Speaker


Soraya Fouladi is the Founder & CEO of Jara, an award-winning hybrid non-profit & social business that is on a mission to ensure the 800 Million children, who live in high-poverty and low-connectivity communities, can get access to a quality education, e-learning, and distance learning anytime, anywhere.

Soraya came up with her invention, the Jara Unit, as a teenager, and went to university for electrical engineering to learn how to build the Jara Unit.
At age 22 she turned down 6-figure job offers and started Jara, while working side-jobs every morning, night, and weekend.

Soraya Fouladi Inspirational Speaker

Soraya Fouladi is Forbes 30 Under 30, Cisco Global Problem Solver, LG Nova First 50, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus & Youth Fellow, One Young World Deloitte SDG4 Award Winner, One Young World Keynote Speaker, United Nations Keynote Speaker, Skoll Delegate, 1850 Folgers Bold Pioneer, Gratitude Network Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow, Leading Cities Fellow, USC Rossier EdVentures Fellow, SOCAP Entrepreneur Scholar, and Reimagine Education US & Canada Gold Winner.

The Jara Unit is an off-grid charging crank-powered and solar-powered e-learning device that teaches localized curriculum in any language. It is a teaching tool for teachers and both an in-class and distance learning learning tool for children.

This innovative handheld gamified device mimics a workbook, personal tutor, a textbook, and quizzing tool.

After years of research and co-creating the Jara Unit and Jara program alongside the communities they are looking to serve globally, they are now implementing Jara within Nepal, Nigeria, and Uganda, and scaling globally shortly after.

Jara is currently in demand from over 25 countries.

Deepak Chopra partnered with Jara and launched NFTs through his new metaverse-for-good platform, Seva.Love, to support Jara’s work.

Together with their partners and supporters, LG, Intel, and Cisco, Soraya and Jara are on a mission to ensure the 800 Million children who had no access to education during the pandemic, especially girls, in under-resourced communities, refugee camps, and post-disaster zones can get equitable and continuous access to the education they need to break their cycles of poverty and make their dreams come true.