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Whether it’s an entertaining speaker for your association’s annual dinner or an encapsulating speaker for your company’s annual conference, we can provide you with a diverse collection of after-dinner speakers & motivational speakers to choose from, ranging from anything to an inspiring adventurer or explorer to a notable business or political personalities for your events.

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  • Diversity, Inclusion & Mental Wellness
  • Overcoming Adversity & Personal Development
  • Peak Performance & Team Building
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Daisy Auger-Dominguez Inspirational Speaker

Daisy Auger-Dominguez – Former People Officer, Vice

Jose hernandez Inspirational Speaker

Jose Hernandez – Former NASA astronaut

Andres Tapia Inspirational Speaker

Andrés Tapia – Global DEI and ESG Strategist, Korn Ferry

Baroness Ruth Hunt Inspirational Speaker

Baroness Ruth Hunt – Ex CEO Stonewall, LGBT+ Ambassador

Nicola Green Inspirational Speaker

Nicola Green – Expert on identity, race, and inclusion

Lord Simon Woolley Inspirational Speaker

Lord Simon Woolley – First Black Man to Head Oxbridge College

David Olusoga Inspirational Speaker

David Olusoga – Black & British, Forgotten History

Kanya King Inspirational Speaker

Kanya King MBE – Founder & CEO MOBO Group (MOBO Awards)

Professor Olivette Otele Inspirational Speaker

Professor Olivette Otele – First Femal Black Professor

Bonita Norris inspirational Speaker

Bonita Norris – Youngest female to reach Everest summit

Hayley Wickenheiser Inspirational Speaker

Hayley Wickenheiser – Canadian Hockey Legend

Farrah Khan Inspirational Speaker

Farrah Khan – Gender Equity Advocate (CANADA)

Amy Brann Inspirational speaker

Amy Brann –Brain Powered People Development

Shawna Pandya Inspirational Speaker

Dr Shawna Pandya – The Citizen Astronaut

Peggy Bouchet Inspirational Speaker

Peggy Bouchet – First female solo Atlantic crossing

Arnauld Jerald keynote speaker

Arnaud Jerald – World record-holding freediving champion

Axel Alletru Keynote speaker

Axel Alletru – Author of ‘28 Principles For Bouncing Back’

David Aguilar Inspirational Speaker

David Aguilar – ‘Built his own arm prosthetics using LEGO

Gemma Mengual inspirational Speaker

Gemma Mengual – Spanish Mermaid Synchro Swimmer

Amaya Valdemoro inspirational speaker

Amaya Valdemoro – Two time Olympian, basketball

Araceli Segarra inspirational speaker

Araceli Segarra – Famed Spanish Mountaineer

Steve Ingham Inspirational Speaker

Dr Steve Ingham – Leading Performance Scientist

Jason Bridges Inspirational Speaker

Jason Bridges – Emotional Intelligence Expert

Anthony Watson Inspirational Speaker

Anthony Watson – Bank of London CEO, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Dr Kristen Lee Inspirational Speaker

Dr Kristen Lee – Mental Health Expert

Darryl Stinson Inspirational Speaker

Darryl Stinson – 2 Mil+ View TEDx Speaker, Mental Health

Johnny Quinn Inspirational Speaker

Johnny Quinn – Olympic bobsledder

Eric Boles Inspirational Speaker

Eric Boles – Talent development and culture

Anja Blacha Inspirational Speaker

Anja Blacha – Record-breaking Adventurer & Explorer

Elke Gearaerts Inspirational Speaker

Elke Geraerts – Human capital expert, Future of Work

Stefan van hooyken Inspirational Speaker

Stefaan van Hooydonk – Future of work, Change, Culture

Charles Hazlewood Inpirational Speaker

Charles Hazlewood – Orchestrating Success

Claire Williams inspirational speaker

Claire Williams OBE – Deputy Principal, Williams F1 Team

Matt Bishop Inspirational Speaker

Matt Bishop – Former Chief Comms, McLaren F1

Anousheh Ansari inspirational speaker

Anousheh Ansari – Space Astronaut & Xprize Founder

Dame Sarah Storey Inspirational Speaker

Dame Sarah Storey – Britain’s Greatest Female Paralympian