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Creating a culture of agile innovation
Company purpose that drives breakthrough initiatives
Innovate to inspire consumers
Mindset Makes Culture
Everyone’s a leader now
Slice Through Silos
Leadership for the disruptive VUCA age
Hard wiring a consumer focus
Transforming sustainability into true competitive advantage
Sustainability and Inclusion
Business with a social conscious
Brand strategy

Jeremy Schwartz Topical Keynote Speaker

2021 – Non-Executive Director of Revolution Beauty
2021 – Chairman of Sustainability & Inclusion Transformation Practice for Kantar
2021 – Commercial & Marketing Director of Terra Firma Capital Partners
2020 – Senior Advisor of McKinsey Business Transformation Practice for McKinsey & Company
2018 – Interim CEO of Pandora
2013 – Chairman and CEO of The Body Shop
2010 – Managing Director L’Oreal
2004 – Became a Member of the Board of Trustees for The Against Malaria Foundation
2002 – Director of Brand Marketing at Sainsbury’s
1997 – Director of Innovation & Marketing at the Coca-Cola Company
1992 – Marketing Director of L’Oreal

Jeremy Schwartz is an inspiring presenter and captivating storyteller who shares his CEO & CMO expertise from the world class consumer and retail companies L’Oréal, The Body Shop, Coca-Cola and Pandora.

Topics include organisational mindsets of market leaders, profiting from sustainability and purpose and innovating consumer focused cultures.

Schwartz’s leadership roles created huge value fast. Each generated more than $5bn in shareholder value in just 24 months.

Jeremy Schwartz shares the secrets to success of the turnarounds of Pandora and Sainsburys, how Coke Zero was invented and L’Oréal’s journey to market leadership in the UK.

Jeremy Schwartz is an authority on sustainability, a reputation established by his roles as CEO of The Body Shop, Chairman of Kantar’s Sustainability Transformation practice and host of Saving Tomorrows Planet podcast. He shares real life stories of profiting from sustainability, setting stretching environmental goals, securing stakeholder buy-in, innovating sustainably without compromising profitability and reporting without greenwashing.

He is an expert in the winning ways of world class companies. Jeremy Schwartz unlocks their secrets of organisational mindsets, speed of decision making, slicing through silos and digital transformation.

These are popular subjects with clients as Jeremy shares first hand experiences where he pioneered these in his roles worldwide.

Jeremy’s content is rich in TikTok reels and videos so no death by PowerPoint with him. Every speech, masterclass and workshop are personalised to every client, and his probing questions in the scoping call gets to the heart of every event to give clear actionable insights for every audience.

He is currently working on two books:

Act Fast & Get Things Done takes learnings from turnarounds, tech companies and emergencies to give the tools we can all use in business to act faster.

Cut the Marketing Bullshit, 11 marketing fundamentals for business leaders goes back to the core of marketing to secure better results in this digital age.

In his private life, Jeremy Schwartz is married with three Gen Z sons who are his personal advisors on what their generation needs.

Creating a culture of agile innovation

Are you struggling to create a memorable purpose and see it align, inspire and mobilise your employees?

Employees, consumers and investors want to engage companies with an inspiring, authentic purpose that guides their actions. Jeremy shares how, from his own CEO experience, to become a sustainable company who makes their purpose count every day to drive spectacular results.

Company purpose that drives breakthrough initiatives

Do you want to know how your company can take a leadership role, mobilise employees, engage investors and create new profitable business models that can contribute to saving the planet?

All too often the sustainability debate focuses solely on cost. Jeremy’s challenges this with a CEO’s P&L vision and shows how to identify opportunities to innovate sustainably and profitably.

Innovate to inspire consumers

Can your business benefit from a deeper understanding of your consumers and customers?The empowered and fickle consumer has made growing market share a tougher battle than ever before. Be inspired from the extensive experience and unique techniques to reach out, listen and act on consumer insights that have led to multibillion euro innovations and growth results.

Mindset Makes Culture

Do you want to create a company culture that will make you world class, but not sure how?
An open, curious growth mindset underpins great cultures. Experience and learn from Jeremy’s important approach to nurture authentic, modern, world class cultures one-mindset-at-a-time.

Everyone’s a leader now

Do you feel the command-and-control models and hierarchical decision making remains insufficient as a leadership model for our hyper fast-moving and Gen X environment?
Everyone’s a leader now brings fresh ways to mobilise talent across all organisation levels, elevate contributions from a diversity of employees and empower and challenge them to show leadership behaviours too.

Slice Through Silos

Can you see how silo working across functions and teams undermines high performance output?Find out how to rapidly craft structures and embrace new ways of working that slice through silos and liberate teams to collaborate in seamless ways. Learn to compress decision-making timelines and accelerate speed-to-market to beat the competition and grow faster.

Jeremy Schwartz Topical Keynote Speaker


I thought Jeremy was fantastic and the team were really inspired by his talk and presentation. He brought a lot of energy, points to ponder and tools to use. It was really great

Paul, MD, HSO

It went really well with Jeremy, he did a very good job. His session was appreciated as it was crisp, full of real life and experience examples, which made him very authentic, and also the fact that he knew our industry and really did some research on our business made it very impactful.

Valerie, Cotyinc

We were very happy with Jeremy Schwartz and he was well received by the team and our CEOs. His messages were on point with the overall content of the conference.

Rebecca, Tapestry