Maxime Vermeir – Senior Director of AI, ABBYY

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Belgium based Maxime Vermeir is Head of Customer Innovation at ABBYY leading a global team of innovation consultants.

ABBYY is a leader in process mining and intelligent document processing, offering solutions for various industries and business scenarios

In this role, Maxime maintains relationships with ABBYY’s strategic customers and introduces them to the possibilities of ABBYY’s latest technologies showcasing how innovations can help them to better exploit their business data and optimize their business processes.

Before joining ABBYY, Maxime assisted in successfully deploying DX solutions throughout many different industries and was at the cradle of a patented document transformation platform for the life sciences market.

With over 10 years of experience in the AI field, Maxime leads the creation and execution of the go-to-market strategy for ABBYY’s cutting-edge AI technology, delivering value to customers and stakeholders across various industries and domains.

Additionally, he founded a startup in the mobile applications space to make app development available to all.

Promising future in AI puts your information to work

Let me emphasize that what we are witnessing today will undoubtedly transform the way we work with technology and live our lives.

Just as the internet revolutionized how we access information, purchase goods and services, and consume media content, and as mobile devices brought technology to our fingertips and reshaped user experiences, AI is now ushering in the next wave of change.

AI provides us with a new interface that will redefine how we work, live, and leverage technology. It’s akin to the computer mouse taking us out of the era of green letters on black screens.

He is excited to witness the unfolding future and discover how we will interact with our devices and applications in the coming years.

Maxime Vermeir Topical keynote Speaker