Zach Kass – AI Expert from OpenAI

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Former Head of Go-To-Market at OpenAI
One of the only keynote speakers on the “inside” of AI
Advocate to ensure businesses can pivot, adapt, and thrive in an AI-augmented future.
Applying AI: Offers Practical Solutions for a Better World

Speaking Fee: $35,000 -$50,000 Range (USA & CANADA) -please ask for EUROPE
Travel Buyout: $2,500 domestic, $10,000 international


Zack works with organizations to enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and bolster employee satisfaction at reduced costs by harnessing the power of AI.

With over a decade in AI and business, has witnessed AI’s transformative impact. His standout role as OpenAI’s Head of Go-to-Market saw him convert advanced AI research into viable business solutions, broadening his vision of AI’s potential.

Zack is committed to readying businesses of all sizes for AI’s expansive possibilities. In a fast-paced tech world, he focuses on demystifying AI, ensuring businesses can swiftly transition to an AI-driven environment.

But his vision extends beyond businesses. Zack sees AI as a tool for local governance, bringing about transformative community services and fostering an inclusive society where tech benefits all.

Outside his AI pursuits, Zack enjoys the Santa Barbara community and beach volleyball, emphasizing life’s balance. Zack Kass is a beacon, guiding both businesses and communities towards a promising AI future.

Leveraging AI for Good

In this keynote, Zack delves into the dynamic world of AI in the business realm. Learn about AI’s current state, its future directions, and its transformative role across industries. By eradicating burnout through automating mundane tasks, AI paves the way for a revamped work environment.
With his rich experience in bridging AI solutions to workplace challenges, Zack showcases an invigorating glimpse of an AI-optimized future. He also provides pragmatic strategies to ensure organizations harness AI’s full potential.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: Navigating Our AI Future

Zack delves deep into the evolving world of AI, tackling the intricate challenges and prospects that AI innovation presents. Despite rapid technological advancement, practical and scalable solutions often remain just out of reach.

In his keynote, Zack emphasizes turning these very challenges into pathways to success in an increasingly AI-centric world.

Leveraging his extensive background in AI strategy and deployment, Zack furnishes attendees with a grounded approach to ensure their businesses remain relevant and resilient. He shares invaluable insights, successful strategies, and underscores the importance of adaptability amidst swift technological shifts.

AI Strategy Simplified

Zack offers a concise journey through AI’s evolution, from its inception to anticipated advancements.

Drawing from extensive experience, he simplifies AI’s intricacies, presenting a clear view of this game-changing tech’s trajectory.

Through actionable strategies, Zack illustrates how businesses can stay ahead in the fast-paced AI landscape.

This keynote equips attendees with the knowledge of AI’s history, empowering them to harness its current potential and lead in this tech-driven revolution.


I left OpenAI to support the AI revolution. Here’s why real change won’t come from the epicenter | Fortune

7 AI Insights For 2024

Embrace AI or Risk Obsolescence

The technological tide of AI is rising, and businesses that fail to adapt risk being left behind. Leaders must understand that AI isn’t a fleeting trend, but a transformative tool that will define the future of industries.

Efficiency is the Immediate AI Dividend

The near-term promise of AI isn’t about radical innovations, but about incremental efficiencies that can reshape businesses. Leaders should focus on harnessing these efficiencies before aiming for moonshot AI projects.

Future-Proofing is Critical

The rapid pace of AI evolution means that today’s strategies might be obsolete tomorrow. Leaders should prioritize strategies that aren’t just effective but are also adaptable to future AI advancements.

Rethink Build vs. Buy

Given the speed of the market, pushing existing vendors to implement new AI capabilities often allows for a more agile solutions. This takes off the load of keeping up with the emerging tech while creating resilient solutions that are vendor agnostic.

Small Efficiencies, Big Gains

Incremental AI-driven gains, when scaled up in large organizations, can lead to substantial benefits. Leaders should recognize that even seemingly minor efficiencies can cumulatively have a transformative impact on the bottom line.

Broad AI Knowledge ≠ Deep Expertise

While many claim expertise in AI, few have a deep
understanding that spans its evolution and potential. Leaders should differentiate between general knowledge and profound expertise when seeking counsel.

Action Over Prediction

The AI revolution is ongoing, and waiting for the “next big thing” might mean missing current opportunities. Leaders should focus on actionable AI solutions available today rather than only speculating about future innovations.


He Just Gets It
Zack helped us plan our entire AI strategy. He just gets it.

John Murphy, President, Coca Cola

It Was Brilliant
Your performance was 1st class. Great insights, and you pitched at the right level for our audience. Everyone said it was the best session of the day! It was brilliant.

Jeff McMillan- Morgan Stanley