Cristina Criddle – Technology Speaker, Host, Moderator

Specialist Topics

Technology trends
Artificial intelligence
The Metaverse
Internet of Things
Digital transformation
Retail disruption
Wearables and Health tech
Autonomous cars and transport
Cyber security
Industrial design
Future of luxury brands
Technology mega trends
Web3 and crypto
What is the real Metaverse?
The next decade of health
Automation and robotics


Cristina Criddle is a technology reporter at the Financial Times covering social media, the future of work, NFTs and emerging technologies.

She has broken exclusives on governments launching NFTs, failures in moderation at big tech companies and illegal NDAs being used in the NHS.

Previously, Cristina was a technology reporter at the BBC, working across TV, radio and online, including on the Today Programme and BBC Breakfast.

She also produced the leading BBC 3 documentary the Instagram Effect featuring exclusive testimony from insiders about how the platform impacts wellbeing.

Cristina is a specialist speaker on the Metaverse, able to cover the following range of topics:

  • As we increasingly live our lives online, what is our interaction with technology going to be in the metaverse?
  • Corporate applications of the metaverse – hybrid working and using emerging technology VR/AR for training etc.
  • Social applications: how to form meaningful interactions/communities online
  • Moderating the metaverse, issues around abuse, regulation, competition
  • Monetising the metaverse: as a brand/business, as an individual
  • How Web3, crypto, NFTs come into this
  • And AR/VR/Gaming developments
  • The ethical debates around what it means to be spending more time digitally