Why Covered! Speakers

Covered! Speakers is committed to providing high profile speakers, presenters and music entertainers for both private and corporate events in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Below are 11 GREAT REASONS why you should let us help ensure your event is COVERED!



As a team of people that really care, Covered! Speakers don’t just connect you with “a speaker”. We’ll pair you with a talented, likeable, engaging, and articulate speaker that resonates with your specific audience needs. You can sure that your speaker will deliver a powerful and memorable keynote. Our bureau also knows if someone is cooperative and we’ll steer you to shy away from risky or unpleasant characters.


Our Wide Network of Contacts

What if the speaker cancels or has a scheduling conflict? As a leading speaker bureau, we are resourceful with deep networks of speakers. We’ll find you an equally qualified speaker as a last-minute replacement. This assistance gives you the peace of mind as an event manager or planner.


We’ve got the logistical know-how

Preparing for a keynote can be complicated and confusing. This isn’t our first rodeo! Our bureau has logistical know-how to handle everything from contract negotiations and delivery & the speaker’s travel arrangements. We even ensure the right audio equipment is set-up, and handle liability protection for you if required.


We schedule pre-event calls

Usually 3-4 weeks before the event our Speakers Bureau facilitate a pre-event call where you and the speaker discuss the event’s theme, objective, and what message you’ll want the keynote to convey.


Essentially, we save you time and added stress!

Instead of spending hours of your own time searching and negotiating with speakers, we do this for you. The bureau has your back with every step in planning your event. You’ll forge a lasting relationship with people you can always rely on. Your event planning just got that but easier.


Pricing & Negotiation of Speaker & Performers Fees

Technically, all our services are 100% free of charge. This is because our commissions are included in our speaker or performer fees - thus there are no hidden fees, with complete transparency from the outset. We also negotiate fees with speakers on your behalf so the necessary work is done for you, again saving you time and energy so that you can focus on other aspects of your event planning.