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Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Diversity, Inclusion & Mental Wellness

Diversity, Inclusion and Mental Wellness are now the forefront of organisations and their leader’s minds. Companies are looking to retain their employees and are looking for ways to become more inclusive in the workplace. Hear from inspiring people who can advise organisations and their executive leaders and employees on how to create an environment where everybody can thrive.

Daisy Auger-Dominguez Inspirational Speaker

Daisy Auger-Dominguez – Former People Officer, Vice

Jose hernandez Inspirational Speaker

Jose Hernandez – Former NASA astronaut

Andres Tapia Inspirational Speaker

Andrés Tapia – Global DEI and ESG Strategist, Korn Ferry

Baroness Ruth Hunt Inspirational Speaker

Baroness Ruth Hunt – Ex CEO Stonewall, LGBT+ Ambassador

Nicola Green Inspirational Speaker

Nicola Green – Expert on identity, race, and inclusion

Lord Simon Woolley Inspirational Speaker

Lord Simon Woolley – First Black Man to Head Oxbridge College

David Olusoga Inspirational Speaker

David Olusoga – Black & British, Forgotten History

Kanya King Inspirational Speaker

Kanya King MBE – Founder & CEO MOBO Group (MOBO Awards)

Professor Olivette Otele Inspirational Speaker

Professor Olivette Otele – First Femal Black Professor

Hayley Wickenheiser Inspirational Speaker

Hayley Wickenheiser – Canadian Hockey Legend

Farrah Khan Inspirational Speaker

Farrah Khan – Gender Equity Advocate (CANADA)

Shawna Pandya Inspirational Speaker

Dr Shawna Pandya – The Citizen Astronaut

Jason Bridges Inspirational Speaker

Jason Bridges – Emotional Intelligence Expert

Anthony Watson Inspirational Speaker

Anthony Watson – Bank of London CEO, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Dr Kristen Lee Inspirational Speaker

Dr Kristen Lee – Mental Health Expert

Darryl Stinson Inspirational Speaker

Darryl Stinson – 2 Mil+ View TEDx Speaker, Mental Health

Claire Williams inspirational speaker

Claire Williams OBE – Deputy Principal, Williams F1 Team

Matt Bishop Inspirational Speaker

Matt Bishop – Former Chief Comms, McLaren F1

Anousheh Ansari inspirational speaker

Anousheh Ansari – Space Astronaut & Xprize Founder

stef reid inspirational speaker

Stef Reid – British Paralympic long jumper

Claire Lomas Inspirational Speaker

CLAIRE LOMAS MBE – Diversity & Inclusion

Soraya Fouladi Inspirational Speaker

Soraya Fouladi – Entrepreneur, CEO Jara, Forbes 30Under30

Owen O'Kane Inspirational Speaker

Owen O’Kane – Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Expert, Author

Leanne Spencer Inspirational Speaker

Leanne Spencer – Wellbeing & Burnout Prevention Expert

Aaron Balick Inspirational Speaker

Dr Aaron Balick – Mental Health and Social Media

Jen Welter Inspirational Speaker

Jen Welter – First Female NFL coach, Arizona Cardinals

Leah Williamson Inspirational Speaker

Leah Williamson – England Women’s Football Captain

Yassmin Abdel-Magied Keynote Speaker


Hala Hanna Inspirational Speaker


Ann Makowsinski keynote speaker

Andini Makosinski – Student Inventor, Science Fair Winner

Aimee Mullins Keynote Speaker

Aimée Mullins – Paralympic Athlete, Actress & Amputee

Liv Boeree Keynote Speaker

Liv Boeree – #1 ranked female poker player from 2014-2016

Oliver Burkeman Keynote Speaker

Oliver Burkeman – Help! How to Become Slightly Happier

Nic Hamilton Keynote Speaker

Nicolas Hamilton – British Car Racing Championship Driver

Mohsin Zahdi Keynote Speaker

Mohsin Zaidi – Award winning author and lawyer

Karen Blackett Keynote Speaker

Karen Blackett OBE – Business Leader, Creating Cultures