Darryl Stinson – 2 Mil+ View TEDx Speaker, Mental Health

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Darryl is an entrepreneur, pastor, speaker, and, most importantly, a suicide survivor.

He played defensive end at Central Michigan University from 2008-2011.

He attempted to take his life in 2011 due to a severe career-ending back injury.

Through a life-changing experience at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, he got a second chance and came to believe that my life mattered.

He began the arduous journey of discovering what was my purpose in life.

After five years of research, meditation, workshops, and cross-examination, he found my highest (unique) purpose, and built a life he loves waking up to experience each day.

He became passionate about helping others, specifically athletes and entrepreneurs change the world by finding their (unique) highest purpose and building thriving careers and businesses.

He’s the founder of SecondChanceAthletes.com, a holistic athletic transition service for current, former, and forgotten athletes.


You’re Enough!: How To Go From Coping To Creating

Society has lied to us.

The world has told us that we’ll be enough when we graduate magna cum laude, land that high-paying job, or reach the top of the socio-economic classes.

These are all great endeavors, but they can mislead us if we’re not careful.

Throughout this program, you’ll learn how to use cognitive behavioral therapy to turn your pain into productivity.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this message, attendees will learn:

  • How to develop a system of self-care that supports your desired level of success,
  • Why your identity shouldn’t come from your accomplishments, and two strategies to develop a healthy source of identity.
  • Why your weaknesses and insecurities don’t diminish your value but instead reveal your humanity, and when properly understood and leveraged can strengthen your leadership.
  • How to reframe mental health stigmas to take pride in your wellness versus feeling shame.

Flow Under Fire: How To Perform Your Best When Circumstances Are At Their Worst

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an entry-level employee, your emotional, mental, and physical health directly impact the quality of work you produce, and consequently the collective results your work community produces.

Having worked with employees battling extreme stress and facing burnout to thriving leaders looking to keep their edge, Darryll Stinson understands the importance of building a diverse workforce and facilitating a work culture where every employee thrives in good and challenging seasons of business.

Learning outcomes

As a result of this message, athletes will learn:

  • Increased productivity from learning how to design your work responsibilities to put you in flow state consistently.
  • Reduced stress and overwhelm from experiencing how to utilize music to increase efficiency and enhance creativity.
  • Inspiration from hearing Darryll’s suicide to success story and engaging with the passion he brings.