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Topical Keynote Speakers and Experts

Communication, Change & Culture

For any sustainable and profitable organisation, dealing with change is inevitable, and usually requires excellent communication between all stakeholders of a company, from the CEO to a company’s new recruit. The keynote speakers in this section are experts in this field and advise on how organisations can tackle big changes within an industry and how everybody within the company can align their goals and strive together to succeed.

Philip Ross Keynote Speaker

Philip Ross – The New Way of Work

Ann Hiatt Keynote Speaker

Ann Hiatt – Silicon Valley Veteran

Meital Barusch keynote speaker

Meital Baruch (Asia) – Cultural Collaboration

Serene Seng keynote speaker

Serene Seng (Asia) – Organisational Culture, People

Phillip Keil Keynote speaker

Philip Keil – Europe’s TOP 100 Keynote Speaker

John Coyle keynote speaker

John Coyle – Design Thinking & Innovation Expert

Sunnel Gupta keynote speaker

Suneel Gupta – Connecting, Well-Being and Performance

Polly LaBarre Keynote speaker

Polly LaBarre – Authority on Leading Change

Julien Bourrelle keynote speaker

Julien Bourrelle – Cross-Cultural Communication

Caspar Craven Inspirational leadership speaker and author

Caspar Craven – KPMG, CFO, Adventurer, Author

Richard Gerver Keynote Speaker

Richard Gerver – Human leadership & transformation

Duncan Wardle Keynote Speaker

Duncan Wardle – Former Head of Creativity, Walt Disney

Sahar Hashemi keynote Speaker

Sahar Hashemi OBE – ‘Start-Up’ Culture in a Big Company

Sacha Ramonovitch Keynote Speaker

Sacha Ramanovitch OBE – Former CEO, Grant Thornton

Lucy Adams Keynote Speaker

Lucy Adams – CEO of Disruptive HR, Culture Expert

Travis Hahler Keynote Speaker

Travis Hahler – The Neurological Nomad

Mo Gawdat Keynote Speaker

Mo Gawdat – Former Business Officer, Google X

Melissa Agnes Keynote Speaker

Melissa Agnes – Founder, The Crisis Ready Institute

Robert Richman Keynote Speaker

Rob Richman – Creator of Zappos Culture Insights

Curt Steinhorst Keynote Speaker

Curt Steinhorst – founder of Focuswise

Cassandra Worthy Keynote Speaker

Cassandra Worthy- Founder & CEO, Change Enthusiasm

John Amaechi Keynote Speaker

John Amaechi OBE – First & Only British NBA Basketball Player

Michelle Poler Keynote Speaker

Michelle Poler – 100 Days Without Any Fear

Rob Chestnut Keynote Speaker

Rob Chestnut – Chief Ethics Officer, Airbnb Inc

Barbie Brewer Keynote Speaker

Barbie Brewer – Former Talent VP Netflix

Avi Liran Keynote Speaker

Avi Liran – Organisational Culture, TEDx Keynote Speaker

Simone Heng Keynote Speaker

Simone Heng – Inspiring People To Connect

Nicholas Webb Keynote Speaker

Nicholas Webb – Innovation, Future

Scott Sonenshein Keynote Speaker

Scott Sonenshein – co-author of Joy at Work Book

Graham Allcott Keynote Speaker

Graham Allcott – How to be a Productivity Ninja

Jonathan Holloway Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Holloway – Change Maker, Experiential Designer

Eric Termuende Keynote Speaker

Eric Termuende – Helping leaders build incredible teams

Dave Birss Keynote Speaker

Dave Birss – Creativity Agent, Divergent Thinker & Innovator

Ryan Estis Keynote Speaker

Ryan Estis – Former Strategy, McCann Advertising

Peter Sheahan Keynote Speaker

Peter Sheahan – Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group

Josh Linkner Keynote Speaker

Josh Linkner – Creative Troublemaker & Entrepreneur