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John K. Coyle is a globe-trotting adventurer, highly sought-after international innovation and design thinking keynote speaker (audiences of more than 500,000 in over 15 countries), 4-time TEDx speaker, award-winning author, professor, Olympic medalist, multi-sport champion, strategy consultant, and former head of innovation for a Fortune 500 company.

With his extensive experience along with degrees from Stanford and Kellogg, John has become a world-leading expert in the fields of Innovation, Design Thinking, Strengths, Flow, Resiliency, and “Chronoception” – the neuroscience and psychology of time-perception.

Ask him how to design “endless summers…” Superseding ALL of these achievements is John’s mastery of the art of storytelling. John frames his talks through the lens of the Hero’s Journey (or “monomyth”) while elegantly mixing-in data-driven frameworks based on the very latest research and science.

John has an extensive network of leaders in their fields who have contributed to his talks and books – including David Eagleman, David Kelley, Tom Kelley, Steven Kotler, Chip Conley, Dave Evans, Daniel Coyle, Moran Cerf, and others.

John leaves his audiences both empowered and inspired to make significant and lasting changes.

Unlike some inspirational keynote speakers, John loves to spend time with his audiences and clients often coming early and staying late to keep the conversations going, and is known for bringing his homegrown Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers to events for a sample tasting.

A world-leading expert in innovation and Design Thinking, Olympic medalist John K. Coyle is a sought-after speaker for Fortune 100 companies, Universities, TEDx stages, and international conferences.

John’s presentations are always an audience favorite because he combines the exhilarating stories of a champion athlete with the data and intellect of a professor and best-selling author.

He also brings his Olympic silver medal which he passes around.

John was highly recommended to me by the founders of the IDEO design firm (David and Tom Kelley) and, magically, within 24 hours after the introduction he was at my doorstep in southern Baja (Mexico) and this is where we were starting our Modern Elder Academy.
One year later, John did a phenomenal job co-leading (with me) our very first workshop cohort… John offers an unusually wide array of skills as a speaking and design thinking expert: part-personal story, part-research geek, part-experiential.
On a personal side, John was a joy to co-lead with. He’s very organized, friendly, open to suggestions, and a lot of fun… Lastly, he’s an exceptionally dynamic speaker the kind who rivets an audience in such a way that they lose track of time.

Chip Conley, Founder of The Modern Elder Academy

John’s ability to grip an audience, to craft a business story on very human terms, to tie it back to the success of his team’s efforts is one of the best I have ever seen.

David Rosen, Head of Customer Innovation and value, TIBCO


Strengths 2.0 – Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths and Weaknesses.

Through the metaphor of sport, learn how individuals and teams can use innovation approaches to identify and leverage their unique strengths (and design around weaknesses).
Become empowered to solve old problems in new ways and achieve breakthrough results.

Resiliency 2.0 – Applying Design Thinking to Stress and Resiliency.

Instead of trying to manage or reduce stress or get work-life balance back, learn how to perform better under greater stress (and enjoy it).

Explore a new model of resiliency, one where proactive challenges are designed to build capacity for ever greater performance under pressure, while learning the latest neuroscience of recovery.

Change your relationship with stress by using the 3R method – Reduce, Recover and Reframe.

Time 2.0 – Applying Design Thinking to the Human Experience of Time.

Our days are filled with experiences and memories, some stored and retained and some not. What creates a memorable memory?

What is the nature of the relationship between memory and time perception?

How do we measure the true value of our time?

This unique, mind-bending talk delivers breakthrough ideas on how to rethink your relationship with time and design time-stopping experiences for yourself, your loved ones and your customers.

Leadership 2.0 – Innovation Leadership Development Series.

From an empowering primer on leadership mindsets that are necessary to drive innovation, to more advanced topics such as:

1) Design Thinking overview and activation
2) Ideation best practices and ideation session to solve a problem specific to your organization
3) Innovation Antibodies (victim vs. creator)
4) Innovation Culture Kryptonite (knower mindset vs. learner mindset)
5) How (not) to create a culture of innovation, and more.

Life 2.0 – Innovating The Human Experience.

John takes his Design Thinking and innovation expertise, leveraged by dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and applies it to the human experience.

Step by step, John applies creative destruction to our standard operating procedures related to strengths, resiliency and time, and reframes a new approach to innovate your life.

John Coyle keynote speaker

How to sell a service: the neuroscience of time perception and how to make moments that matter

Neuroscientists have made dramatic progress in understanding memory creation. 

Recent advances show us that our ability to stand out, to be remembered, to be recalled, to win the sale is directly correlated to the kinds of memories generated within the brains of your partners, clients, or customers. 

What if you could design the kinds of interactions, experiences, and memories that would lead to being the last recall or “first call?”