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Topical Keynote Speakers and Experts

Digital Technology & Future Trends

If your audience need to hear about insights into the future of technology or the digital industry here you’ll find the leading futurist speakers available for you to book for your events.

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau keynote speaker

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau – CEO, the MIT Technology Review

Jesse Schell keynote speaker

Jesse Schell – Game Designer, CEO of Schell Games

Anthony Sayers Keynote speaker

Anthony Sayers – Internet of Things Lead Strategist, Lenovo

Toby Lewis keyonte speaker

Toby Lewis – AI Former British Intelligence

Jon Lakefish Keynote speaker

Jon Lakefish: Empowering Brands AI

Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker

Ed Newton – Product Director TikTok & Snapchat

LJ Rich AI Keynote Speaker

LJ Rich – BBC TV Broadcaster, Technology Show ‘Click’

Zack Kass Keynote speaker

Zach Kass – AI Expert from OpenAI

Maxime Vermeir Topical keynote Speaker

Maxime Vermeir – Senior Director of AI, ABBYY

Maarten Verscheuere Topical keynote speaker

Maarten Verschuere – AI & Emerging Technologies Expert

Richard Koh Keynote Speaker

Richard Koh – Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

Amer Iqbal keynote speaker

Amer Iqbal – Former Head of Digital at Meta

Maneesha Juneja Keynote Speaker

Maneesh Juneja – Emerging Tech, AI, Future in Healthcare

Ilya Feige Keynote speaker

Ilya Feige – Machine Learning & AI Expert

Allie Miller keynote Speaker

Allie Miller – Former Head of Machine Learning, Amazon

Florian Rohde keynote speaker

Florian Rohde – Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Pioneer

David Mitchell keynote speaker

David Mitchell – Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs)

Laurence Moroney Keynote Speaker

Laurence Moroney – Machine Learning, AI

Inma Martinez Keynote Speaker

Inma Martinez – AI and Future Trends

Cassie Kozyrkov Keynote Speaker

Cassie Kozyrkov – Machine Learning, Google

Jurgen Schmidhuber Keynote Speaker

Juergen Schmidhuber – The Father of AI & ML, Swiss AI Lab

Tsedal Neely Keynote Speaker

Tsedal Neely – Top 100 people Transforming Business

stephanie hare keynote speaker

Stephanie Hare – AI, Technology, Cybersec

samantha wolffe keynote speaker

Samantha Wolffe – Thought Leader, Emerging Technology

Nancy Giordino keynote speaker

Nancy Giordino – Building a safe & thriving future

Claudiu Popa Keynote Speaker

Claudiu Popa – Cybersecurity & Information Security

Angela Oguntula Keynote Speaker

Angela Oguntala – Futurist, Innovation, Change

Lindsay Herbert Keynote Speaker

Lindsay Herbert – Author of Digital Transformation

Jonathan Dalton Keynote Speaker

John Dalton – Head of Metaverse Technologies, PwC

Dr Mark van Rijmenam Keynote Speaker

Dr Mark Van Rijmenam – Digital, Metaverse, NFTs & Data

Jonny Combe Keynote Speaker

Jonny Combe – Chief Executive of PayBy Phone UK

Ted Souder Keynote Speaker

Ted Souder – Former Head of Industry and Retail, Google

Poppy Crum Keynote Speaker

Poppy Crum – Neuroscientist & Technologist

Azheem Azhar Keynote Speaker

Azeem Azhar – Emerging Technologies and Their Impact

Nick Sohnemann Keynote Speaker

Nick Sohnemann – Founder FUTURECANDY & Innovation Hack

Monika Verma Keynote Speaker

Monica Verma – CISO, Orange Business Cloud Services