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Topical Keynote Speakers and Experts

Digital Technology & Future Trends

If your audience need to hear about insights into the future of technology or the digital industry here you’ll find the leading futurist speakers available for you to book for your events.

Lindsay Herbert Keynote Speaker

Lindsay Herbert – Author of Digital Transformation

Jonathan Dalton Keynote Speaker

John Dalton – Head of Metaverse Technologies, PwC

Dr Mark van Rijmenam Keynote Speaker

Dr Mark Van Rijmenam – Digital, Metaverse, NFTs & Data

Jonny Combe Keynote Speaker

Jonny Combe – Chief Executive of PayBy Phone UK

Ted Souder Keynote Speaker

Ted Souder – Former Head of Industry and Retail, Google

Poppy Crum Keynote Speaker

Poppy Crum – Neuroscientist & Technologist

Azheem Azhar Keynote Speaker

Azeem Azhar – Emerging Technologies and Their Impact

Nick Sohnemann Keynote Speaker

Nick Sohnemann – Founder FUTURECANDY & Innovation Hack

Monika Verma Keynote Speaker

Monica Verma – CISO, Orange Business Cloud Services

Christian Baudis Keynote Speaker

Christian Baudis – Former Executive, Google Germany

Elatia Abate Keynote Speaker

Elatia Abate – The Future of Now, Prepare Now!

Gideon Lichfield Keynote Speaker

Gideon Lichfield – Editor-in-chief of Wired US

Rana el Kaliouby Keynote Speaker

Dr Rana El Kaliouby – Humanizing Digital

Vivienne Ming Keynote Speaker

Dr Vivienne Ming- Neuroscientist & AI Expert

Linda Bernardi Keynote Speaker

Linda Bernardi – Ex IBM Chief Innovation

Lisa Forte Keynote Speaker

Lisa Forte – Social Engineering and Cyber Security Expert

Lindsay Moran Keynote Speaker

Lindsay Moran – Former CIA Agent & Author

Bryan Seely Keynote Speaker

Bryan Seely – Mind versus Machine: Inside Cybercriminal

Ayesha Khanna Keynote speaker

Ayesha Khanna – CEO of Addo artificial intelligence (AI)

James Lyne Keynote Speaker

James Lyne – Cyber security expert

John Sileo Keynote Speaker

John Silo – Cybersecurity & Technology

Joshua Crumbaugh Keynote Speaker

Joshua Crumbaugh – Cybersecurity expert

Ted Harrington Book

Ted Harrington – Helping build more secure software

Keren Elazari Keynote Speaker

Keren Elazari – The Friendly Hacker

Bart De Witte Keynote Speaker

Bart De Witte – AI & sustainability strategist

kate o'neill keynote speaker

Kate O’Neill – Tech Humanist, Strategy Expert, Futurist

Misha Glenny Keynote Speaker

Misha Glenny – Leading Expert on Cybercrime

Tan Lee Keynote Speaker

Tan Le – Award Winning Inventor in Brain Computing

Eric O'Neill Keynote Speaker

Eric O’Neill – Helped capture the most notorious spy

Christian Toon Keynote Speaker

Christian Toon – CISO at Pinsent Masons Law Firm

Tyler Cohen Wood Speaker

Tyler Cohen Wood – Former White House Cyber expert

Thimon De Jong speaker

Thimon De Jong – The Future of Human Behaviour in Business

Julie Meyer speaker

Julie Meyer – CEO of Ariadne Capital

JP Nichols speaker

JP Nichols (US) – No.1 Fintech Radio Show Host

Georgie Barrat Speaker

Georgie Barrat – Technology Journalist & Broadcaster

Dave Birch speaker

Dave Birch – Digital Financial Services Expert