Nick Sohnemann – Founder FUTURECANDY & Innovation Hack

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Nick Sohnemann is the founder and managing director of the Hamburg innovation agency FUTURE CANDY and one of the leading experts in Europe in the field of trend and innovation research.

As a keynote speaker for Nick Sohnemann inspires people from all areas of the company and industries.

Digitization is and remains one of the greatest challenges for companies.

The awareness is there, but implementation is lacking. Digitization is more than automation and process optimization.

INNOVATION is the name of the success factor and this requires openness to new things, creative drive and a culture change throughout the company.

Innovation arises exactly where familiar paths are left behind.

For Nick it is clear: The future is digital.

His enthusiasm for technologies and innovations is contagious and reduces fears.

With scientifically sound know-how, his own research and numerous concrete practical examples from the economy, Nick makes the future tangible and opportunities visible.

He makes it clear why digital transformation does not work without cultural change, why curiosity, courage and agility are crucial skills for tomorrow’s working world.

Nick also shows new ways in which companies can use their existing strengths to develop new business models.