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In this section you’ll find a whole host of speakers for your conference. We can help you with on-stage conference & “panel” moderators & facilitators so that your event runs smoothly and to schedule, to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and industry leaders.

We have speakers on the exciting future of technology & digital trends too.

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Chris Bertish Keynote Speaker

Chris Bertish – South African surfer, stand-up paddleboarder, adventurer

Anne Wojcicki Keynote Speaker

Anne Wojcicki – Co-founder and CEO, 23andMe

James Lyne Keynote Speaker

James Lyne – Cyber security expert

Kenny J Anderson Keynote pseaker

Kenny J Anderson – Formulas for Success

John Sileo Keynote Speaker

John Silo – Cybersecurity & Technology

Joshua Crumbaugh Keynote Speaker

Joshua Crumbaugh – Cybersecurity expert, Ethical hacker, social engineer, innovator

Ted Harrington Book

Ted Harrington – Helping companies build better, more secure software

Tenenbaum Laura Keynote Speaker

Laura Tenenbaum – Globally recognised innovator in science and climate communication

Silvia Garcia Keynote Speaker

Silvia Garcia – Former Global Happiness Institute Director of The Coca-Cola Company

Keren Elazari Keynote Speaker

Keren Elazari – The Friendly Hacker

Claire Oneill Keynote Speaker

Claire O’Neill – Former UK Minister for Energy and Clean Growth

Tim Bradshaw Keynote Speaker

Tim Bradshaw – British Army Intelligence Officer, graduate of the Royal Military Academy

Sheila Rasu Keynote Speaker

Sheila Rasu – VP of Marketing at the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Winnie Chan Keynote Speaker

Winnie Chan – Chief Commercial Officer at Malaysian Football League

Simone Heng Keynote Speaker

Simone Heng – Inspiring People To Connect

Roberta Lucca Keynote Speaker

Roberta Lucca – Creative entrepreneur & co-founder of British video game developer Bossa

Amanda Stevens Keynote Speaker

Amanda Stevens – The Consumer Futurist

Nicholas Webb Keynote Speaker

Nicholas Webb – Innovation, Future

Michael Bloomfield Keynote Speaker

Dr Michael Bloomfield – Global expert on Creativity and Innovation

Bart De Witte Keynote Speaker

Bart De Witte – AI & sustainability strategist and founder of HIPPO AI Foundation

Alexandra Palt Keynote Speaker

Alexandra Palt – Chief Responsibility Officer and CEO of the Fondation L’Oréal

Scott Sonenshein Keynote Speaker

Scott Sonenshein – Author of STRETCH and co-author of Joy at Work

Annie Duke Keynote Speaker

Annie Duke – Decision Strategist. Former Professional Poker Player

Natalie Nixon Keynote Speaker

Natalie Nixon – The creativity whisperer for the C-Suite

Crystelle Pereira Keynote Speaker

Crystelle Pereira

Terence Mauri Keynote speaker

Terence Mauri – Founder of Hack Future Lab

kate o'neill keynote speaker

Kate O’Neill – Human centric digital transformation

Ben Casnocha Keynote Speaker

Ben Casnocha – Technology Entrepreneur and Executive

Graham Allcott Keynote Speaker

Graham Allcott – How to be a Productivity Ninja

Misha Glenny Keynote Speaker

Misha Glenny – Investigative Journalist and Leading Expert on Cybercrime

Jonathan Holloway Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Holloway – Change Maker, Experiential Designer, Transformation Adviser

Eric Termuende Keynote Speaker

Eric Termuende – Helping leaders build incredible teams

Dave Birss Keynote Speaker

Dave Birss – Creativity Agent, Divergent Thinker & Innovator

Dag Kittlaus Keynote Speaker

Dag Kittlaus – Co Founder of Siri & VIV

Daniel Bobroff Keynote Speaker

Daniel Bobroff – The Future of Retail

Chris Barez Brown Keynote Speaker

Chris Baréz-Brown – Founder of Upping Your Elvis