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In this section you’ll find a whole host of speakers for your conference. We can help you with on-stage conference & “panel” moderators & facilitators so that your event runs smoothly and to schedule, to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and industry leaders.

We have speakers on the exciting future of technology & digital trends too.

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Roger Bootle speaker

Roger Bootle – City of London Economist

Richard Browning

Richard Browning – CEO of Gravity industries

Nisha Pillai speaker

Nisha Pillai – BBC World News Presenter & Host

Nathalie Nahai speaker

Nathalie Nahai – Online Persuasion Expert

Jason Schenker speaker

Jason Schenker – Chairman of The Futurist Institute

Juliet Mann Speaker

Juliet Mann – Business News TV Anchor

Martin McCourt Speaker

Martin McCourt – Former CEO at Dyson

Gerd Leonard speaker

Gerd Leonard – Leading Media Futurist

David Rowan Speaker

David Rowan – Founding UK Editor at WIRED

Daniel Hulme Speaker

Daniel Hulme – Leading expert in Artificial Intelligence

Daisy McAndrew Speaker

Daisy McAndrew – Former Economics Editor, ITV News

Babita Sharma Speaker

Babita Sharma – BBC TV News

Declan Curry

Declan Curry – BBC’s Former Business Correspondent

Richard Reed

Richard Reed – Co Founder of Innocent Drinks

Josephine Fairley

Jo Fairley – Founder, Green & Blacks Chocolate, Sold to Cadbury

Louise Fowler

Louise Fowler – Business Marketing Strategist

Jim Lawless Motivational Speaker

Jim Lawless – Culture & Teamwork

Dr James Bellini

Dr James Bellini – Futurologist & Author

James Caan

James Caan – Entrepreneur & Formerly On Dragons Den

Richard Watson

Richard Watson – Futurist Speaker & Scenario Thinker

Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack – Digital Strategist

Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright – Futurist Speaker

Lewis Pugh Keynote Speaker

Lewis Pugh – Swimming & Sustainability