Barbie Brewer – Former Talent VP Netflix

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The former Head of Talent at Netflix, Chief Culture Officer at GitLab and Chief People Officer at mParticle shows leaders and teams how to do remote culture well.

With more than 25 years as a human resources leader with deep expertise in leading distributed organizations, Barbie Brewer has played an integral role in nurturing and growing some of the media and technology industry’s best-known brands, including Netflix, IBM, Cisco, Applied Materials, and ClickUp.

As head of talent for Netflix from 2011 to 2017, Barbie’s knowledge and leadership helped the company evolve into one of the most innovative and successful organizations and one of the best places to work in America.

As GitLab’s Chief Culture Officer, she helped shape the award-winning culture at the world’s largest all-remote company, which has more than 14,000 employees across 65 countries.

A passionate champion for remote work, Barbie brings unmatched experience to envisioning the Future of Work, leading fully virtual organizations, and building strong cultures that value diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging.

She helps organizations put people first, think strategically about talent amid the “Great Resignation,” and adapt, optimize and thrive in the post-pandemic remote work landscape.

Drawing on key lessons on culture and remote work from her career journey, Barbie gives companies the insights they need to reimagine the workplace of the future, one that is better, stronger, and more inclusive—and one where having a physical office isn’t essential to creating a great place to work.

With a focus on what’s to come, Barbie inspires organizations to explore new models of work and productivity in remote, hybrid, and distributed settings and implement the transformative practices they need to build the culture they want and recruit and retain the talent they need in a rapidly changing world.

Talks & Topics

Meeting Talent Where the Talent Is: The Future of Work

Barbie Brewer, former Vice President of Talent at Netflix, covers the value of remote and hybrid work and how it not only allows of a great pool of talent, but contributes to improving the global economy.

Barbie discusses the challenges, opportunities, and solutions to this new way of working and thriving in remote and hybrid settings – the workplace of the future.

Audiences will leave with an understanding of the meaningful impact they can have on the world through building remote and hybrid teams and learn tips and tricks on increasing the success of distributed teams while minimizing the frustrations.

Inclusion in a Remote and Agile World

Barbie Brewer is passionate about remote work and building strong, inclusive work cultures. As an industry expert on culture and talent, she helps organizations navigate a new world of work, one where people are the most important asset.

In this session, Barbie illuminates the incredible potential that highly distributed workforces have for recruiting and retaining talent, building trust and collaboration, and supporting diversity, inclusion, equity, and a sense of belonging.

With an eye on the future of work, audiences will leave with a complete understanding of the many ways remote work can open up new opportunities and greater access for all employees while accelerating company growth and success.

Working Together, Explained:

Inclusiveness, direct feedback, and assuming good intent.

Hire Right – Fire Seldom:

Empowerment, Accountability, Performance Metrics and Evaluation.

The Truth about Remote Work:

When it works/when it doesn’t and why asynchronous workflow and trust matter

In the Trenches:

Conflict resolution. Trade-offs between high performance and high maintenance. Promoting for the right reasons.

Penny-wise / Pound foolish?

The real cost in hiring inexperienced employees… it’s not always about money.