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Whether it’s an entertaining speaker for your association’s annual dinner or an encapsulating speaker for your company’s annual conference, we can provide you with a diverse collection of after-dinner speakers & motivational speakers to choose from, ranging from anything to an inspiring adventurer or explorer to a notable business or political personalities for your events.

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  • Adventurers & Explorers
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Mental Wellness
  • Overcoming Adversity & Personal Development
  • Peak Performance & Team Building
  • The Future of Work
Oli France Inspirational Speaker

Oli France – Expedition Leader, Adventurer, Team Guide

Jennifer Boterill Inspirational Speaker

Jen Botterrill – Olympic Hockey Gold Medallist

Julie Angus Inspirational Speaker

Julie Angus – Founder of Open Ocean Robotics

Dr Joe MacInnis Inspirational Speaker

Dr Joe Macinnis – Explorer, Titanic Discovery Team

Sarah Marquis Inspirational Speaker

Sarah Marquis – 500 mile solo trek across Australia

Owen O'Kane Inspirational Speaker

Owen O’Kane – Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Expert, Author

Leanne Spencer Inspirational Speaker

Leanne Spencer – Wellbeing & Burnout Prevention Expert

Aaron Balick Inspirational Speaker

Dr Aaron Balick – Mental Health and Social Media

Debra Searle Inspirational Speaker

Debra Searle MBE – Attitude: It’s not magic, it’s mindset

Christine Armstrong Inspirational Speaker

Christine Armstrong – Workplace and Future Culture

Jen Welter Inspirational Speaker

Jen Welter – First Female NFL coach, Arizona Cardinals

James Lawrence Keynote Speaker

James Lawrence – The Iron Cowboy, Record Holder

Heather McGowan Inspirational Speaker

Heather McGowan – Lifelong Learning & Future of Work

Leah Williamson Inspirational Speaker

Leah Williamson – England Women’s Football Captain

Dame Laura Kenny OBE Inspirational Speaker

Dame Laura Kenny OBE – British Cyclist

Denise Lewis Inspirational Speaker

Denise Lewis OBE – Olympic Gold Winner

Dame Katherine Grainger Inspirational Speaker

Dame Katherine Grainger – Olympic Rower

Amy Webb Keynote Speaker

Amy Webb – CEO, The Future Today Institute (FTI)

Marc Priestley Inspirational Speaker

Marc Priestley – Former Top F1 Mechanic

Christian Horner Inspirational Speaker

Christian Horner – F1 Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Mark Gallagher Inspirational Speaker

Mark Gallagher – Lessons from Formula One

Elin Haf Davies Inspirational Speaker

Elin Haf Davies – Adventurer & Child Health Advocate

Ed Jackson Inspirational Speaker

Ed Jackson – Ex Rugby Player, Maximise Yourself

Niall Mccann Inspirational Speaker

Niall McCann – National Geographic Explorer

Victoria Gosling Keynote Speaker

Victoria Gosling – Leading into the unknown

Yassmin Abdel-Magied Keynote Speaker


Lucy Westlake inspirational Speaker


Benedikt Boehm Inspirational speaker

Benedikt Boehm – Extreme mountaineer & CEO of Dynafit

Isaac Kenyon Keynote Speaker


Hala Hanna Inspirational Speaker


Ann Makowsinski keynote speaker

Andini Makosinski – Student Inventor, Science Fair Winner

Brendan Hall Keynote Speaker

Brendan Hall – Round The World Yacht Race Skipper

Aimee Mullins Keynote Speaker

Aimée Mullins – Paralympic Athlete, Actress & Amputee

Ash Dyckes Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Ash Dykes – 3x World Record Holding Explorer

Liv Boeree Keynote Speaker

Liv Boeree – #1 ranked female poker player from 2014-2016

Saly Kettle Keynote Speaker

Sally Kettle – First woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice