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Whether it’s an entertaining speaker for your association’s annual dinner or an encapsulating speaker for your company’s annual conference, we can provide you with a diverse collection of after-dinner speakers & motivational speakers to choose from, ranging from anything to an inspiring adventurer or explorer to a notable business or political personalities for your events.

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Victoria Gosling Keynote Speaker

Victoria Gosling – Leading into the unknown

Yassmin Abdel-Magied Keynote Speaker

Yassmin Abdel-Magied – Sudanese-Australian engineer and award-winning social advocate

Lucy Westlake inspirational Speaker

Lucy Westlake – Youngest American Woman to reach Everest Summit

Benedikt Boehm Inspirational speaker

Benedikt Boehm – Extreme mountaineer & CEO of Dynafit

Isaac Kenyon Keynote Speaker

Isaac Kenyon – World-record-breaking eco-adventurer, filmmaker

Hala Hanna Inspirational Speaker

Hala Hanna – MD, Solve – at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Ann Makowsinski keynote speaker

Ann Makosinski – Student Inventor, Google Science Fair Winner

Brendan Hall Keynote Speaker

Brendan Hall – Round The World Yacht Race Winning Skipper

Aimee Mullins Keynote Speaker

Aimée Mullins – Paralympic Athlete, Actress & Double Amputee

Ash Dyckes Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Ash Dykes – Explorer, extreme athlete and 3x World First Record Holder

Liv Boeree Keynote Speaker

Liv Boeree – #1 ranked female poker player from 2014-2016

Saly Kettle Keynote Speaker

Sally Kettle – First woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West

Monty Halls Keynote Speaker

Monty Halls – Broadcaster, Explorer, Leadership Trainer, Speaker

Anna Hemmings Inspirational Speaker

Anna Hemmings MBE – Olympian & World Champion

Darren Edwards Motivational Speaker

Darren Edwards – Disabled Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

Simon Wheatcroft Keynote Speaker

Simon Wheatcroft – Tech Pioneer & Endurance Runner

Jessica Buchanan Keynote Speaker

Jessica Buchanan – Teacher, Author, Humanitarian, Speaker, Survivor

Tammy Barlette Keynote Speaker

Tammy Barlette – Fighter Pilot & Founder of Athena’s Voice

Roz Savage Keynote Speaker

Roz Savage MBE – Ocean Rower & Sustainability Advocate

Oliver Burkeman Keynote Speaker

Oliver Burkeman – Help! How to Become Slightly Happier

Nic Hamilton Keynote Speaker

Nicolas Hamilton – British Car Racing Championship Driver

Mohsin Zahdi Keynote Speaker

Mohsin Zaidi – Award winning author, commentator and lawyer

Karen Blackett Keynote Speaker

Karen Blackett OBE – Business Leader, Creating Vibrant Cultures

Dr Marie Anne Imafidon Keynote Speaker

Dr Anne Marie Imafidon – British computing & mathematics child prodigy

Ben Ryan Keynote Speaker

Ben Ryan – Performance Authority, Rugby World Champion, Success Coach

Seth Mattison Keynote Speaker

Seth Mattison – Future of Work

Chad Williams speaker

Chad Williams – Former US Navy SEAL, author of SEAL of God

Jennifer Brown Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Brown – how to create a more inclusive world

Ann Daniels Keynote Speaker

Ann Daniels – A record-breaking polar explorer

Cedric Dumont Keynote Speaker

Cedric Dumont – Grow, Transform & Perform Under Pressure

Karina Hollekim Keynote Speaker

Karina Hollekim – One of the best extreme sports athletes

Weema Hoover Keynote Speaker

Wema Hoover – Former Global Diversity Leader, Google

David Lammy Keynote Speaker

David Lammy – Labour MP

Ben Fogle Keynote Speaker

Ben Fogle – Inspirational Adventurer & TV Presenter

Kenton Cool keynote speaker

Kenton Cool – Climbed Everest a Record Breaking 16 times

Belinda Parmar Inspirational Speaker

Belinda Parmar – Empathy, Culture Transformation and Communication in Conflict