Nicola Green – Expert on identity, race, and inclusion

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Nicola Green is a critically acclaimed artist and social historian, and expert on identity, race, allyship and inclusion.

She has established an international reputation for her ambitious projects that can change perceptions about power and it’s relationship with the visual image; exploring themes of inclusion, leadership, race and gender.

Driven by her belief in the power of the visual image to communicate important human stories, Nicola chooses to assume the role of ‘witness’ to momentous occasions taking place across the globe. Inspired by her own mixed-heritage children and multi-faith family, she creates and preserves social-cultural heritage for future generations.

She has gained unprecedented access to iconic figures from the worlds of politics, culture and religion, including collaborations with Pope Francis, President Obama, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Dalai Lama.

Nicola is dedicated to social impact and has worked tirelessly towards creating positive change and equality in the artworld and beyond. Nicola co-founded and directed the Diaspora Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, showcasing 22 artists from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Nicola also founded the Khadija Saye Arts programme at IntoUniversity which addresses the issue of BAME representation in the creative industries.

As co-founder of Sophia Point Rainforest Research Centre, Nicola has championed the preservation and exploration of the Guiana Shield, the largest remaining pristine rainforest on earth.

Nicola is also a Principal Artist for the upcoming project The World Reimagined, and is creating a large-scale public artwork that explores climate justice and racial justice. Nicola has mentored many aspiring young artists and is the Patron of Women in Art

Green delivers insightful and inspiring talks both online and in person. 

As a visual artist, she has a unique perspective, delivering engaging talks through the lens of her artworks.

Keynote Topics

Why Allyship is a Verb and Not a Noun: How the Art of Allyship can unlock diversity and inclusion

Allyship is fast becoming the key to unlocking the power of diversity.  Nicola considers, through her own personal and professional experience, why helping to build equality and advance the culture of inclusion is so challenging.  She looks at why it’s a lifelong process for us as individuals and as a community but also at the progress we’ve made and how we can build on each step every day.

Exploring Pillars of Whiteness: The vital role of the Visual Image in breaking down barriers of identity, race and gender

The effects of discrimination overlap and intersect in the experience of marginalised groups – Nicola explores how the power of the visual image communicates important human stories and truths that can help change our perceptions of identity and belonging.

Why the Visual Image, and How We See Each Other, is Central to How We Understand Each Other

How successful Mentoring can communicate our untold stories, change the narrative and transform how we see the world and each other.

Nicola explores how the images we see form the pictures in our minds. 

She has built a reputation as an arts innovator, committed to change and mentoring young people to help them realise their potential and take steps towards creative industry careers, especially where they struggle to see themselves reflected.  

In her inspiring talk, she describes how her years of mentoring BAME and disadvantaged young people in her studio and beyond, has informed her own understanding of diversity and inclusion.