Daisy Auger-Dominguez – Former People Officer, Vice

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Daisy Auger-Dominguez is a treasured executive and dynamic leader, highly regarded for fulfilling the role of Global Chief People Officer at Vice Media Group.

Recognised as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women by People en Espanola, she has gained many years of specialist knowledge and experience whilst working for global organisations such as Google, The Walt Disney Group, and Viacom.

An empowering female businesswoman, Daisy is also the proud Founder of Auger-Dominguez Ventures, a widely recognised workplace culture consultancy company.

Daisy Auger-Dominguez Inspirational Speaker

Having devoted her career to ensuring positive change is implemented throughout society, Daisy has become a popular workplace culture speaker for a wide range of events.

Passionate to share her expert knowledge and experience with audiences internationally, Daisy has recently become the proud author of ‘Inclusion Revolution’.

Alongside this, her work has also been published by the likes of the Harvard Business Review and IDEAS.TED.

Having been named in the Hispanic Executives Top 10 Leaders, Daisy has become an empowering female speaker for Hispanic Heritage Month events internationally.

Shaping organizational transformations at the leading edge of people & culture

Daisy Auger-Domínguez is a forward-thinking global leader and an expert on organizational culture and leadership.

With years of experience leading human capital practices and organizational transformations at the leading edge of people and culture, she strategically enhances work cultures and organizational value through inclusive people management.

Her books, Inclusion Revolution and the forthcoming Burnt Out to Lit Up* offer actionable strategies for dismantling workplace inequity and revitalizing leadership practices.

A dynamic speaker and storyteller, her insights grace platforms like TEDx and publications including Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Her contributions have earned her many accolades, including Hispanic Executive’s Top 10 Leaders and People en Español’s 25 Most Powerful Women.

Daisy actively shapes the future from her board of trustees position at Bucknell University and resides in Brooklyn, NY, with her family.



After being on the front lines of leading people and culture through years of rapid, relentless volatility and uncertainty, Daisy knows first-hand the risks of burnout in workplaces and how to help managers conquer chaos and reclaim their light.

This talk was born out of the question: “Do you worry that you’re failing at everything as a manager?”
In today’s rapidly-changing and relentless work environment, managers feel the heat from all sides.

Daisy delves into the heart of managerial burnout, sharing practical strategies and inspiring stories to move leaders from feeling overwhelmed to at peace and empowered.

This session confronts the harsh realities and hidden struggles of leading through change, including the unspoken pain rarely discussed outside closed doors.

Let her help you conquer the turbulence of modern management with integrity, empathy and resilience, and keep your light shining bright in even the most challenging times.


After stewarding hundreds of leaders and organizations across diverse sectors through massive moments of cultural transformation and organizational disruption, Daisy knows a thing or two about helping leaders make DEI work in today’s strained and rapidly changing work environments.

This talk was born out of the question: “How can we get diversity, equity, and inclusion practices right?”

In this keynote, Daisy outlines actionable strategies for embedding DEI into every aspect of organizational life – from recruitment and onboarding to leadership and decision-making – fueling profound people innovation.

She underscores the vital role of self-awareness, cultivating a clear vision, executing targeted actions, and the power of perseverance.

She enriches this strategic framework with global and diverse perspectives, supporting her insights with robust case studies, research and impactful narratives.


Many of us spend our workdays feeling overwhelmed by endless demands, attempting to achieve the impossible while steadying ourselves and our teams amidst the chaos.

When the madness strikes, we can forget how to inspire our teams, and lose sight of our personal and organizational mission.

The inevitable question arises during this confusion: “How do I keep my head above water and my eye on the prize?”

In this keynote, Daisy offers a beacon of hope, peeling back layers of doubt and exhaustion to empower participants as organizational stewards.

Through insights and strategies, Daisy presents a roadmap for refocusing on self-awareness, purpose, and defining the colleague and leader one aspires to be.

Her message invites you to transform how you show up for yourself, your colleagues and your teams.

Daisy Auger-Dominguez Inspirational Speaker


Do you only celebrate Latinx talent during Hispanic Heritage Month?

Daisy invites audiences to go beyond the customary Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations and cultivate a culture where Latino talent thrives year-round.

She challenges leaders to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion not just as an annual, superficial observance but as a daily practice embedded in the DNA of organizational culture.

With her signature warmth and authentic diplomacy, Daisy calls for a collective effort to build workplaces that reflect true equity and inclusivity.

She provides practical guidance to break down systemic barriers and inspires a commitment to a culture that values respect, belonging, and shared understanding.