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In this section you’ll find a whole host of speakers for your conference. We can help you with on-stage conference & “panel” moderators & facilitators so that your event runs smoothly and to schedule, to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and industry leaders.

We have speakers on the exciting future of technology & digital trends too.

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Kiran Shaw Keynote Speaker

Kiran Shaw – Chairman & MD of Biocon Technology

Jim Hagemann Keynote Speaker

Jim Hagemann – Siemens Chairman, C3.AI Board

Dr Henrik Matthies Keynote Speaker

Dr.Henrik Matthies – CEO & Co-founder at Honic

Christian Baudis Keynote Speaker

Christian Baudis – Former Executive, Google Germany

Azran Rani Keynote Speaker

Azran Rani – Renowned Asian Innovator

Elatia Abate Keynote Speaker

Elatia Abate – The Future of Now, Prepare Now!

John Amaechi Keynote Speaker

John Amaechi OBE – First & Only British NBA Basketball Player

Sally Uren Keynote Speaker

Sally Uren OBE – CEO, Forum for the Future

Nigel Topping Keynote Speaker

Nigel Topping – Champion for Climate Change

Maayke-Aimee Damen Keynote Speaker

Maayke-Aimée Damen – Sustainable Innovator

Gina Miller Speaker

Gina Miller – Speaker, Where do we Stand?

Sam Smith Keynote Speaker

Sam Smith – Founder, finnCap Group PLC

Bronwen Maddox Keynote Speaker


Michelle Poler Keynote Speaker

Michelle Poler – 100 Days Without Any Fear

Katherine Wilkinson Keynote Speaker

Katherine Wilkinson – Climate Change Strategist

Gideon Lichfield Keynote Speaker

Gideon Lichfield – Editor-in-chief of Wired US

Rana el Kaliouby Keynote Speaker

Dr Rana El Kaliouby – Humanizing Digital

Rob Chestnut Keynote Speaker

Rob Chestnut – Chief Ethics Officer, Airbnb Inc

Caterina Fake Keynote Speaker


Vivienne Ming Keynote Speaker

Dr Vivienne Ming- Neuroscientist & AI Expert

Priya Lakhani Keynote Speaker

Priya Lakhani OBE – Founder, Century TECH

Karen Leong Keynote Speaker

Karen Leong – Transformation Expert Singapore

Linda Bernardi Keynote Speaker

Linda Bernardi – Ex IBM Chief Innovation

Barbie Brewer Keynote Speaker

Barbie Brewer – Former Talent VP Netflix

Avi Liran Keynote Speaker

Avi Liran – Organisational Culture, TEDx Keynote Speaker

James Taylor keynote Speaker

James Taylor – Creativity, innovation, marketing

Jim Mckelvey Keynote Speaker


Lisa Forte Keynote Speaker

Lisa Forte – Social Engineering and Cyber Security Expert

Jonah Berger Keynote Speaker

Jonah Berger – Marketing Professor, Penn University

steve chen keynote speaker

Steve Chen – YouTube Co-founder & Internet Pioneer

Jocko Willink Keynote Speaker

Jocko Willink – Highly Decorated NAVY SEAL Officer

Brandon Williams Keynote Speaker

Brandon Williams – US Air Force F15E Fighter Pilot

Lindsay Moran Keynote Speaker

Lindsay Moran – Former CIA Agent & Author

Dr Joel Selanikio Keynote Speaker

Dr Joel Selanikio – Physician, TED speaker, inventor

Joanna Yarrow Keynote Speaker

Joanna Yarrow – Sustainability speaker

Bryan Seely Keynote Speaker

Bryan Seely – Mind versus Machine: Inside Cybercriminal