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World-renowned musician and BBC TV broadcaster LJ Rich presents on the international technology show BBC Click.

In the last year she’s delivered lines at 75mph from the UK’s tallest thrill ride, performed to a drone in the sea off the Welsh Coast and learned to rap on camera thanks to a mind-reading AI headset.

Most recently for Click, she joined an international ‘virtual band’ in the Metaverse for some low-latency VR music production.

LJ’s many innovative projects coupled with a wide knowledge of tech trends and a background in stand-up comedy bring a unique spark to her live performances and awards hosting.

As a keynote speaker and highly accomplished pianist, she uses music to connect the emotional and rational minds of audiences, unlocking creative thinking and solving real-world problems.

She believes AI/Machine Learning can be a companion to creativity, and since 2018 she’s been using it to enhance her original works.

She’s considered a thought leader on how music and machine learning are evolving, having entered the AI song contest in 2021, and most recently appearing on stage at the World AI Cannes Festival and performing at the 2023 United Nations AI for Good Global Summit.

LJ also loves learning languages and making up songs, travelling on trains and planes, riding roller coasters and solving difficult puzzles.


LJ normally creates talks specifically for clients – so please feel free to suggest. Some previous clients include Ironmongers, Rail Industry, Biotech, Financial, Medical, food & beverage, SaaS companies, governmental orgs to name a few – but below are a few that have gone down particularly well with a skew towards AI.

The Future of Human: 3 ways Generative AI will change everything – keynote

What happens when AI starts taking over the world?

How will our work and life change?

A realistic look at where our interactions with technology may lead us – and how to stay relevant as machines and humans evolve together.

These future scenarios are designed to stimulate conversations and expand audience’s ideas on machine learning’s potential to impact our daily habits. Includes generative AI examples.

*For this talk I can also voice-clone a client (with their permission) on request, it takes a few hours to do but is quite a powerful way to show what’s possible. NB I need express consent to do this as the results are quite unsettling!

AI, Music and Future Technology Trends – musical performance / keynote

Music and Creativity shapes our world more than you realise. In this talk for anyone going through change, I use the history of technology and music to encourage organisations and people alike to explore new approaches to difficult scenarios – and how play and creativity help with inspiration.

Many people pick up their instruments again after this talk!

A Musician’s guide to Machine Learning – musical performance / keynote

Complex concepts like Data Diversity and recursion are so much easier to understand when using musical examples.

In this talk/performance I show the current issues affecting AI on a wider scale – using a piano LJ explains the issues affecting current developments in AI while demonstrating the limitations and potential of what machines can create.

Includes some of my own AI-generated compositions.

Virtuosity: How Music Works (interactive) musical performance / keynote

Learn the secret rules of music and find the surprising similarities in your favourite tunes with this entertaining and high-energy musical performance explaining music theory. Discover what makes a song ‘catchy’, why a chorus feels so good – and most importantly, how to be the ultimate crowd pleaser when it’s your turn at karaoke.
Awards Host
Finally I’m particularly fond of Awards hosting, please put me forward for as many of those as possible.

LJ Rich AI keynote speaker


Media Production & Technology Show, 2022, rebooked 2023, London
“We have worked with LJ for the last two years on chairing and leading big discussions, interviews and panels at our annual event. It is always brilliant to have LJ there, she brings so much enthusiasm to the proceedings and a superb understanding of the topics and agendas that we are trying to deliver as part of the programme. It is always a joy and a pleasure to work with her and we look forward to more in the future!”

Charlotte Wheeler, Event Director, Media Production & Technology Show

July 2023 United Nations AI for Good Global Summit, 2019, rebooked 2020-22 online, 2023 Geneva
“ITU worked with LJ Rich to MC and moderate the landmark AI for Good Global Summit 2019. She is a true master of the stage and did an excellent job keeping the audience engaged and motivated throughout the 4 day event.
She has excellent historical, business and technical knowledge which is crucial when dealing with a mixed audience of politicians, academics and leading minds in AI and technology.
She is very professional, constantly tweaking the mood and tone with the changing themes of the sessions. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that she is an accomplished musician and performer which we put to good use during one of the cultural evenings. I would highly recommend LJ for any event and could not imagine running another Summit without her!”

Fred WERNER, Head, Strategic Engagement Division, Steering and Outreach, AI For Good Global Summit,
United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

February 2023 Women in IT Awards, Grosvenor Hotel, London
“LJ was absolutely brilliant at the event. She engaged with attendees throughout the night and brought such great energy. We absolutely loved having her and we hope to work with her again.