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New York Times-bestselling author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on human performance, Steven Kotler shows individuals and organizations how to unlock their real potential. Kotler has spent three decades examining those moments when the impossible becomes possible, an intersection often defined by twin forces: human excellence and disruptive technology.

Thus, he has written six books on disruptive technology and six books on peak performance and brings these twin lenses to his pragmatically-optimistic take on human possibility.

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective.

He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance.

He is the author of 11 bestsellers (out of fourteen books), including The Art of Impossible, The Future is Faster Than You Think, Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Bold and Abundance.

His work has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes, translated into over 50 languages, and has appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and the Harvard Business Review.

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The Art of Impossible: Achieving and Sustaining Organizational Peak Performance
In today’s chaotic business environment, organizations are tasked with keeping employees motivated, productive, and innovative.

They need individuals and teams to reach and exceed their performance goals in the face of mounting uncertainty.

Yet, the average knowledge worker is only productive for 2.3 hours per day. Every week, they spend half a day duplicating work they did the week before.They check their email 36 times per hour. They waste 36 hours in unnecessary meetings a month. And most devastating of all: the average knowledge worker is interrupted every 11 minutes.

In 2022, according to the World Health Organization, fifty million years of productivity were lost due to mental health issues and poor working habits.

Steven Kotler, executive director of the Flow Research Collective, the global leader in neuroscience-based peak performance research and training, and the New York Times bestselling author of “The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer,” has taught more than half-a-million people how to amplify and sustain peak performance by harnessing the state of flow.

In this talk, Kotler breaks down findings gleaned from training individuals and organizations in 130 countries, ranging from tech companies such as Facebook, business consulting firms like Accenture, hard goods manufacturers such as Audi, and military operations like the U.S. Air Force.

He’ll explain the science and research behind the state of flow––and how it can increase productivity, creativity, and learning speeds by up to 500 percent. You’ll walk away with tools to reduce stress and overwhelm, decrease procrastination and distraction, and increase motivation and performance.

How The Unprecedented Pace of Technology is Changing Everything

As the pace of technology development and improvement advances exponentially there will be huge opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, teams and society as a whole. In this eye-opening talk, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective and author of “The Future is Faster Than You Think,”

Steven Kotler explains how emerging technologies like AI will converge to propel a century’s worth of advancements forward in only the next ten years.

Bestselling author of multiple books on technology, Kotler provides an expert’s view of the history of AI and how it impacts every aspect of our lives, from neuroscience and peak performance research to the future of work and investment opportunities.

Audiences will gain unique insight into where technology is now, where it’s going and how to seize the massive opportunities that are already being created.

Peak Performance Aging: Organizations Are Missing Out If They’re Not Embracing Older Employees

“Rather than the idea that an old dog can’t learn new tricks, we need to realize that older adults are actually better at learning a whole slew of skills than younger dogs,” says Flow Research Collective Executive Director Steven Kotler.

In this fascinating presentation, he uses his latest book, “Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad,” to explore the new science of peak performance aging.

Kotler upends traditional myths around aging, breaking down cutting-edge research into the stunning possibilities of our later years and laying out a practical blueprint for actualizing these possibilities and filling our lives with meaning, vitality, and success.

He emphasizes the incredible benefits that properly trained older employees bring to organizations, including heightened levels of intelligence, creativity, empathy and wisdom—which are all critical skills in the modern business world.

Access Peak Performance to Energize Teams and Maximize Learning, Creativity and Productivity
When motivation and productivity languish, how can individuals and teams get out of a rut and improve performance, creativity, organizational learning and innovation?

In this energizing presentation, Steven Kotler, executive director of the Flow Research Collective, reveals how subtle changes in mindset can help individuals make better decisions faster and crystallize purpose, passion, goals and overall well-being. Bestselling author of “The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer,” Kotler explains the neuroscience behind peak performance and shows audiences how consistently accessing it can take organizations and individuals to the next level of motivation while reducing stress and optimizing personal and team productivity.

Inspire Exceptional Teams Through Empathetic Leadership

How can leaders create deeper bonds and motivate success?

According to Flow Research Collective Executive Director Steven Kotler, “If you’re not wise and empathetic, you can’t understand what your customers are thinking, nor can you build the great teams needed to excel in today’s demanding environment.”

In this engaging presentation, he shows how, by becoming more empathetic, leaders unlock greater perception that allows them to connect more deeply with their customers and teams, creating a culture of high performance and success.

Audiences will gain deeper insight into the key levers for building thoughtful, meaningful connections that open new avenues for inspirational leadership and empower teams and individuals to excel.

I am on a Steven Kotler high, he was amazing!

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Feedback on his book

Kotler does a masterful job of explaining why we are at the start of a new era of radically increasing standards of living throughout the world. Abundance is essential reading for anyone looking for a better tomorrow.

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