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Stefan Osthaus is an expert in customer and employee satisfaction captivates with effective strategies for a long-term competitive advantage.

Our speaker Stefan Osthaus is THE expert when it comes to employee satisfaction and customer orientation. He explains how closely the two are connected in his interesting lectures.

He developed his expertise during his years as a manager at international corporations.

Today, he shares this knowledge to improve the quality of life of employees and customers.

Speaker Stefan Osthaus has held management positions in large companies at an early stage.

He was able to convince Fortune 500 companies of himself and his methods and was, for example, Vice President of Global Marketing and Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience at Symantec, one of the largest software manufacturers in the world.

In the course of this, he was responsible for the satisfaction of 120 million consumers and tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

One of his most frequent observations was that employees complained about a lack of work-life balance.

In his role as the person in charge, he dealt intensively with the problem and found that no matter what age, employees question the meaning and purpose of their work.

If they saw meaning in their work, they were not only more satisfied, but according to studies, they were also more satisfied with their salary, for example.

Our speaker Stefan Osthaus recognized the connection between customer and employee satisfaction early on and worked on various projects in this regard.

After all, if you have satisfied employees who work independently, you also have happy customers.

The ways to get there and how value-oriented leadership works in practice will be vividly demonstrated by speaker Osthaus in his lectures.

Based on his experience in management positions and as a consultant and keynote speaker, Stefan Osthaus wrote a book in 2014 that provocatively conjures up the end of the work-life balance.

Two of his criticisms are that work is a part of our lives and should not be excluded from it; moreover, it divides life into more components than just work and non-work.

The result is a concept with 4 core themes. In order to help people improve their life balance, Stefan Osthaus also created a globally recognized portal for measuring and improving it (

In his rousing presentations, speaker Stefan Osthaus responds to his audience and explains vividly how to make your employees and customers happy.

He will give you practical concepts so that you can easily establish them in your everyday life in the company and at home.

Bringing over two decades of leadership experience to experience5, founder and CEO Stefan Osthaus is also a sought‐after keynote speaker and the author of The End of Work-Life Balance.
experience5 helps large, multi-BU, multinational organizations to improve their customer experience programs and complement them with employee experience efforts.

Focus Topics

Customer Experience

Whenever Stefan Osthaus speaks about customers on stage, you will be exposed to years of experience as a global VP of Customer Experience combined with a witty presentation style that leaves audiences enthusiastic.

Stefan bases his advice and insights on a success story of having increased a Fortune 500 company’s NPS score by 30 points, making them a leading CX player in their field.

Stefan’s latest research led to the unique philosophy of the three Darwinist phases of customer orientation with the corresponding advice for each phase an organization can be in (see related blog article on the topic).

This lets every audience easily get the message and helps them understand where their organization stands and where to go next in order to ensure sustained success.

Employee Experience

Happy employees create loyal customers! Got that – but why does our data tell us that a majority of organizations are still highly indifferent about the 4P of employee satisfaction (pay, play, productivity, purpose)?

Complement your next sales kick-off or your next all-hands meeting with a focus on employee satisfaction and bring Stefan Osthaus in for a keynote on employee experience.

Stefan will closely align with you on all other aspects of the meeting and effective support your messaging and target setting as well as – at the same time – balance them with a convincing focus on the employee side of life.

What kind of customers and employees do you deserve?

Learn how experience megatrends can help you stay ahead of your competitors in terms of employee satisfaction and customer centricity.

Five steps to the best customer satisfaction

Have you been optimizing your company’s customer experience for a long time? Are you still not at the maximum?

Speaker Stefan Osthaus will show you how to get the most out of it and what common mistakes and misunderstandings are. This is how you become a CX professional.

The leader in balance – If you freak out, you’ve lost!

Macho sayings are usually more or less well received. However, they are counterproductive and lead to an imbalance.

Life balance is not only a new trend, but also helps your employees and customers. So refrain from saying things and let Stefan Osthaus show you how it can be done differently.

This presentation by speaker Stefan Osthaus is particularly suitable for executives and offers practical strategies for implementation in your company.

Customer satisfaction – how does it work?

In this presentation, speaker Stefan Osthaus explains the three phases of customer orientation and discusses them. There is the possibility to specifically address the phases that are of interest to the audience.

He provides entertaining examples and thus underscores the theoretical knowledge for the maximum learning effect for the viewers.

The presentation is particularly suitable for marketing, CX and sales teams or if you want to expand your company’s customer orientation.

The lecture languages are German and English. The speaker travels from Germany.