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As a SPIEGEL bestselling author, entrepreneur and internationally sought-after lecturer, he effectively moves his audience from “wanting” to “doing”.

As an expert, he talks about the topics of “digitalization”, “motivation”, “entrepreneurship” and “change”.

With more than 250 customer references from DAX bist Mittelstand, Felix Plötz is the ideal speaker for your customers, executives or employees.

Felix Plötz is a lateral thinker and instigator – in the best sense. He firmly believes that creativity, courage and the “just do it” spirit of start-ups also have a place in established companies.

He is regarded as an expert on the topics of “motivation”, “digitisation”, “leadership”, and “startup spirit”.

He has quickly become the shooting star of the speaker scene thanks to his captivating style, his authentic appearance and his charisma.

He inspires employees and managers alike – whether in corporations such as BMW, E.ON or Lufthansa, medium-sized family businesses or at large events with several thousand spectators.

His first book on motivation was a surprise hit in 2013, and was a bestseller on Amazon.

His business bestseller “Palmen in Castrop-Rauxel”, celebrated by a broad audience, followed in 2014. RTL, Welt am Sonntag, Spiegel Online, Impulse, and many other national media and blogs reported on this exceptional, crowdfunded book project.

Shortly after its publication, the book became one of the most sought-after “entrepreneurship” publications on Amazon; just four months later it officially reached “Bestseller No.1” status.

His current book “Das 4-Stunden-Startup” has been on the bestseller lists for more than 2 years and is one of the best-selling business books ever published in Germany.

Among other accolades, it has been dubbed a “SPIEGEL financial bestseller”, “Manager magazine bestseller”, “Amazon Bestseller No.1”, “Handelsblatt bestseller” as well as a “Top 10 audiobook of 2016” on Audible.

It has been translated into several languages and is already published in many countries.

He gives his rousing keynote speeches in German and English. Whether it’s a kick-off, a motivation day or an exclusive customer event:

Let us advise you now free of charge and without obligation on your individual event.

Felix Plötz’s book “The 4-Hour Startup” is one of the best-selling business books in Germany.

It is “SPIEGEL Bestseller Business”, “Handelsblatt Bestseller”, “Manager Magazine Bestseller” and “Top 10 Audiobook of the Year” on Audible, among others. With his current book “The End of Stupid Work”, he brings creativity, courage and the “just do it” spirit of startups

With his bestseller “The 4-Hour Startup”, Felix Plötz has already shown tens of thousands of people how they can realize their own ideas as normal employees in addition to their jobs.

Now he’s going one step further: he’s bringing exactly this “just do it” spirit of startups back to large companies and the established economy.

Digitalization and ever-accelerating change are changing our working world, but they also bring enormous opportunities: if more and more routine work is taken over by machines and algorithms in the future, this does not mean the end of work, but the beginning of a new era: “smart companies” and their entrepreneurially minded employees.

Smart companies have understood that self-reliant, solution-oriented, committed employees are the decisive success factor for the markets of tomorrow.

What is needed on the way there, however, is the courage to question oneself – one’s old business models, one’s leadership methods and also one’s own way of thinking as an employee and manager.

This book shows how to do it.

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Recognizing Change – Shaping the Future

When companies need to reposition themselves for the future or even reduce costs, managers and employees often come under pressure. After all, restructuring can trigger uncertainty, fear and rejection in the company. The biggest challenge: to get your employees on board, to motivate them – and even to get them excited about change! Keynote speaker Felix Plötz creates clarity, points out opportunities and encourages people to shape the future. It shows the “doer potential” in each of us, and why we need to act now to benefit from change.

The keynote lecture “Change or Opportunity” is ideal for companies that want to react to changing economic conditions and at the same time invest in their own future. A lecture for more efficiency, profitability and courage in the long term – for the future of your company.


More entrepreneurship for employees (and managers)

We live in times of upheaval, because digitalization is causing fierce cut-throat competition in many markets. Quality alone is no longer enough to secure a leading position in the market in the long term.

The decisive success factors for the markets of tomorrow are agility, consistent customer orientation and, above all, the ability to courageously think outside the box again and again!

This lecture by keynote speaker Felix Plötz is for people who want to make a difference. Those who are willing to take responsibility – for their own lives and for their company.

The keynote speech is a passionate, motivating plea for more commitment, courage and the desire to create something extraordinary.


A clear guide on what to do now and what new attitude we urgently need

Everyone is talking about digitalization, and most companies are now aware that there is an existential need for action.

Unfortunately, some have already overshot the mark: their employees can hardly hear the topic anymore. Unfortunately, knowledge alone is not enough.

We also have to actively implement it – at all levels of the company.

This keynote lecture therefore takes a different path than usual digitization lectures. Instead of buzzwords, he shows a realistic way.

Because digitalization is not rocket science, but can be implemented in every company.

What is needed is the courage to question oneself – one’s business models, one’s way of thinking and, above all, one’s inner attitude.

In his presentation, Felix Plötz will show concrete instructions for managers and employees to successfully master digitalization in their own companies.

As a keynote speaker for digitalization, he gives his audience actionable impulses, inspiration and motivation – for entrepreneurial success in the markets of tomorrow. Guaranteed 100% bullshit bingo free.

Felix Plotz keynote speaker

Client Feedback

Felix Plötz is rightly regarded as the shooting star of the speaker scene. A sensational presentation! 1,500 people in the sold-out Colosseum Theater were completely enthralled.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich | Founder and Managing Director
of GEDANKENtanken GmbH

Mr. Plötz’s contribution provided an excellent start to the discussion on the topic of digitalization. In particular, his broad experience in combination with the humorously presented examples contributed to this. ‘Just Do It’ – that was very well received!

Damian Bunyan | Chief Executive Officer (CIO) | Uniper SE