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In this section you’ll find a whole host of speakers for your conference. We can help you with on-stage conference & “panel” moderators & facilitators so that your event runs smoothly and to schedule, to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and industry leaders.

We have speakers on the exciting future of technology & digital trends too.

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James Peach keynote speaker

James Peach – Brand Leader & Adventurer

Dr Tharaka keynote speaker

Dr Tharaka Gunarathne – Former NHS Psychiatrist, TEDx speaker

Olivier Ouillir keynote speaker

Oliver Ouiller – Multifaceted Neuroscientist

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau keynote speaker

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau – CEO, the MIT Technology Review

Robbie Bach Keynote speaker

Robbie Bach – The Xbox story, lessons in strategy

Robert Safian Keynote Speaker

Robert Safian – Editor and MD of Fast Company

Danny Meyer Keynote Speaker

Danny Meyer- CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group

Chris Bashinelli Keynote speaker

Chris Bashinelli – Explorer, Expert on Human Connection

Shane Feldman Keynote Speaker

Shane Feldman – Founder & CEO of Count Me In

Jim Reid keynote speaker

Jim Reid – Build a high-performing culture (CANADA)

Amy Karam keynote speaker

Amy Karam – Competitive Advantage and Innovation Strategist (CANADA)

Stefan Osthaus keynote speaker

Stefan Osthaus – customer & employee satisfaction

Felix Plotz keynote speaker

Feliz Plotz – Digitisation, Leadership and startup spirit

Sabine Hubner keynote speaker

Sabine Hübner – Serving your customers with excellence

Xavii Escales inspirational speaker

Xavi Escales – Spanish expert on leadership

Jesse Schell keynote speaker

Jesse Schell – Game Designer, CEO of Schell Games

Anthony Sayers Keynote speaker

Anthony Sayers – Internet of Things Lead Strategist, Lenovo

Heidi Connal keynote speaker

HEIDI CONNAL – Leadership Developer

Marcel Fratzscher keynote speaker

Marcel Fratzscher – Germany’s Leading Economist

Clemens Fuest keynote speaker

Clemens Fuest – Institute for Economic Research

Beatrice De Mauro keynote speaker

Beatrice De Mauro – Policy Adviser to German Government

Herminia Ibarra keynote speaker

Herminia Ibarra – Distinguished authority on leadership

Jacob Morgan keynote speaker

Jacob Morgan – Bestselling author and futurist

Mike Lee Keynote speaker

Mike Lee – Leadership Lessons From NBA’s Elite

Chris Griffiths Keynote speaker

Chris Griffiths- innovation, creativity & mind mapping

Dan Cable Keynote speaker


Michael Watkins Keynote speaker

Michael Watkins (US) – Leading transition expert

Heidi K Gardner Keynote speaker

Heidi K. Gardner – Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law Schoo

Zoe Chance keynote speaker

Zoe Chance – Expert on Persuasion and Decision-Making

Jason Wild Keynote speaker

Jason Wild – Former VP Innovation, Microsoft

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio Main Profile Photo

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio – Decision Making with Data

Steven Kotler Main Profile Photo

Steven Kotler – Authority on human performance

Toby Lewis keyonte speaker

Toby Lewis – AI Former British Intelligence

Jon Lakefish Keynote speaker

Jon Lakefish: Empowering Brands AI

Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker

Ed Newton – Product Director TikTok & Snapchat

LJ Rich AI Keynote Speaker

LJ Rich – BBC TV Broadcaster, Technology Show ‘Click’