Lisa Forte – Social Engineering and Cyber Security Expert

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  • Hacking & Insider Threats
  • Social Engineering & Intelligence
  • Cyber Crime & Information Security
  • Insider Threats
  • Incident response/ Crisis Management
  • Moderator
  • Identity/Identity Fraud
  • Counterterrorism and Online Radicalisation
  • Women in Security

Lisa Forte is a Cyber Security Expert. Forte started her career in security trying to stop pirates from attacking ships off the coast of Somalia.

She then worked in UK Counter Terrorism Intelligence before moving into one of the UK Police Cyber Crime Units. She founded her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security, in 2017 and has become one of the leading voices on cyber security issues.

Lisa Forte is a professional speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, documentary personality and vlogger and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Tech.

Forte is an expert in risk management, insider threats, social engineering, and helping large companies improve their incident response plans and rehearse for a cyber-attack.

Forte passionately supports the “tech for good” philosophy.

Forte has starred in several documentary films and is a regular on BBC news, radio and in national papers. In 2020 Lisa co-founded a “cyber for good” movement called Cyber Volunteers 19.

The group provided pro bono help and advice to help protect hospitals around Europe from cyber-attacks during the pandemic.

She also co-founded Respect In Security, a volunteer organisation helping to stamp out hate and harassment in the industry.

As a speaker, Forte is internationally recognised and furnishes audience with high energy presentations centred around storytelling and learning lessons from all aspects of life and business.

Forte delivers dynamic and engaging presentations that draw on her expert personal experiences, other areas of risk management as well as research she has carried out herself.

An experienced cyber security trainer, Forte knows how to effectively communicate her message to all types of audience in a lively, informative and engaging manner.

Forte is also an experienced climber, mountaineer and caver. Her exciting experiences in these extreme sports can also provide audiences with interesting perspectives on risk management and motivation.


Lisa’s natural enthusiasm means she can communicate complex topics engagingly and insightfully.
Furthermore, Lisa can build a presentation to suit your event, or you can choose from one of her most popular talks listed below:

See what the hacker sees

Get inside the mind of a hacker and as a result, defend your business.

Russian wargames in your boardroom:

Learn how military wargames can help you prepare your company for disaster.

How I Destroyed a Country’s Maritime Industry in Three days

Lisa conducted a cyber-attack wargame for an E.U. state to test how they would react. Learn what mistakes they made and what led to their downfall in just 72 hours.

Social engineering: Hackers, Competitors and Insiders

Lisa discusses the impressive and terrifying cases of social engineering. Learn that sometimes your attacker could be a competitor.

Hunting The Hackers: How Cyber Criminals Operate

Lisa shares her experience of how cybercriminal gangs operate, how they hide from law enforcement and also how they have H.R. departments!

Insider Threats: Looking after number 1?..

Insider threats are employees who deliberately do something to compromise the security of the company or take reports with them when they move jobs. Lisa will discuss some horrifying cases she worked on that involved insider threats before explaining some ground-breaking research she led into the issue.

Real cases of social engineering: Hackers, Insiders and Competitors..

Having worked for a Police Cybercrime Unit, Lisa will discuss some of the most unexpected cases she worked on and how a simple fix such as calling someone back could have saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adventures on the Dark Web: Protecting yourself from the dark heart of the internet…

Have you ever wondered what happens on the Dark Web? During this webinar, Lisa takes you on a journey into the dark heart of the internet.

How much is your passport worth? Ever fancied a human leather bag? Want to buy someone’s hacked PayPal account?

The Dark Web has it all. Silence & Security…

Lisa is an expert social engineer.

She has specialised in her career in law enforcement and intelligence in using simple techniques to get people talking.

Stepping into the shoes of the hackers


Lisa Forte was one of the most popular and engaging speakers at TEISS 2019. Lacing humour and intrigue with her real case studies of social engineering, she certainly knows how to capture a room. We highly recommend her!