Richard Watson – Futurist Speaker & Scenario Thinker

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Richard Watson, a futurist speaker, author and scenario thinker who helps organisations to think further ahead, especially about emerging growth opportunities and risks.

Richard has worked with the Tech Foresight Practice at Imperial College London and London Business School and is co-founder, along with philosopher Professor Roger Steare and strategist Nick Turner, of Thinking Allowed, a 24-hour retreat from the non-stop noise of working life. Richard is also the author of five best-selling books, including Digital Vs. Human.

He is currently a visiting researcher at the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication at Imperial College London.
Richard has worked with, amongst others, Cambridge University, Coca-Cola, General Electric, IBM, Ikea, Imperial College, London Business School, McDonald’s, McKinsey & Company, Ministry of Defence, RAND, Samsung and Shell. Subject matter expertise includes global trends, scenario planning, innovation and creativity.

A very small selection of previous talks:

Oman Bankers Association, Muscat, 11 December 2018
Royal College of Art, London, 10 December 2018
PWC, Frankfurt, 4 December 2018
DAC Beachcroft, Madrid, 30 November 2018
Lloyd’s Insurance, Brussels, 13 November 2018Herbert Smith Freehills, Berlin, March 2016
Towers Watson, New York, May 2015
PWC, Warsaw, October 2015

“Richard captured the attention and stimulated the imagination of a challenging group of business leaders. He took the time to understand his audience and his insights into the future delivered original, thoughtful viewpoints that will help to shape future business decisions.”
– DAC Beachcroft