Adrian Joseph OBE – AI focused technologist

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Attributed with blending the technical art of the possible with business context, Adrian Joseph is one of the UK’s leading applied data and AI focussed technologists.

His expertise lies in merging the world of technology with customer needs, to rapidly accelerate businesses value delivery, and positive societal change.

Adrian has over 20 years’ experience in AI, big data, analytics, and digital strategy.. Previously, Adrian was recently the Chief Data and AI Officer at BT, where he led 1,600 experts in advancing BT’s digital capabilities and fostering new data and AI centric businesses.

From 2020-2023, he held the role of Expert Member of the UK AI Council, advising the Government on the national AI strategy.

Prior to BT, he was a senior Partner and Head of Data and AI at Ernst & Young and spent over 10 years at Google holding various senior leadership roles with a focus on cloud, digital and data science.

Currently a non-executive director of the Direct Line Insurance Group plc, a member of the Natwest Group’s Technology Advisory Board and an AI Advisor to the Private Equity sector, Adrian was named the most influential Black, Asian and ethnic minority technology leader in the UK by the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards.

He also served as a Non-Executive Director to the UK Government’s Home Office to help develop its data, AI, digital and diversity strategies, and was awarded an OBE for services to equality and diversity in business.

Keynote topics

Show Me the Money: Leveraging AI for Profitable Business Transformation

The stark reality is that the financial gains from AI have predominantly enriched large tech companies and their supply chains..

In this talk Adrian unravels the complexities of generating substantial returns from AI investment, and addresses issues faced by businesses that have been sluggish to harness AI for operational enhancement.

He also looks at emerging GenAI applications, assesses the trade-offs between cost and complexity of AI technologies, and considers what can be done to maintain the equilibrium between profit generation and AI safety.

Is your job safe: Understanding the role of AI on the future of work

A consistent unease felt by companies and businesses leaders globally, surrounds the impact of AI on the workplace.

Ultimately, the workplace is continually evolving and the future of work will be vastly different in just five years.

In this talk, Adrian looks at the transformative shifts we can expect as encapsulated by the three A’s: Automation, Augmentation and Additional Roles, and how society needs to prepare to adapt and embrace the opportunities the advancing AI space has to offer.

Creating an equitable world: How AI and innovative technology can narrow gaps in society.

The pace of AI development has accelerated dramatically, reaching a point where algorithms are exceeding human capabilities in numerous areas.

From complex reasoning and creative tasks to healthcare diagnostics, AI is pushing the boundaries of intelligence and beating tests as fast as they can be developed.

This dual purpose technology poses risks of bias, job displacement and exploitation, disproportionately impacting certain groups, raising concerns about fairness, economic security and ethical treatment.

In this keynote, Adrian considers how we can strategically leverage AI, to address and mitigate systemic inequalities across education, employment, and healthcare, paving the way towards a more inclusive and equitable society