Maneesh Juneja – Emerging Tech, AI, Future in Healthcare

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Health beyond healthcare: Why every organisation needs to focus on health

AI: How do we ensure the benefits outweigh the risks?

Reimagining healthcare: The rise of empowered patients

Data: Algorithms, trust and ethics

About Maneesh

Maneesh Juneja believes the products and services that will have the biggest impact on our health, will not come from healthcare, but from outside of healthcare.

His research involves looking at the technological advances that are enabling new insights into our health, outside of the hospital.

In his opinion, cross-sector collaborative approaches are needed to help solve some of the biggest challenges across society.

There are immense opportunities ahead, for those willing to look beyond traditional boundaries, where products and services can be created that provide a positive impact on how we live, work and play.

He believes it’s possible to innovate whilst also ensuring the innovations help to make the world a fairer and more equitable place for everyone.

Maneesh is a Digital Health Futurist who explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place.

Juneja’s research extends beyond understanding technology, it also include economic, political and cultural trends.

In 2017, some of the topics he examined were new models of care, digital biomarkers, and our relationship with machines as they become more intelligent.

AI: How do we ensure the benefits outweigh the risks?

We talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at two ends of a spectrum, either utopian or dystopian future scenarios.

Either all of humanity’s problems will be solved or we will all be enslaved by tyrannical algorithms.

Neither scenario is realistic.

So, how do we find a middle path that is agile enough to adapt to emerging technology but can also integrate with our policies, processes and people?

Many are rushing to invest huge amounts in collecting more data and building new types of AI, but are they missing critical steps in this race to be first to market?

What do organisations need to be doing to ensure their desire to innovate with AI doesn’t cause harm and doesn’t lead to losing the trust of their customers?

Reimagining healthcare: The rise of empowered patients

Anyone working in healthcare knows the difficulties of innovating within a risk averse, complex and highly regulated sector.

However, emerging technologies, economic/social trends and a desire from patients to have more access, agency and autonomy are challenging the status quo in the healthcare sector.

Does all of this mean that we will need fewer doctors and smaller hospitals in the future?

Will some patients prefer to interact with a machine for healthcare needs rather than a human being?

Are we heading for a world where AI monitors us 24 hours a day constantly checking for signs of disease?

Where will the innovation in healthcare come from? From the sector, from startups or perhaps from patients themselves?

Health beyond healthcare: Why every organisation needs to focus on health

Health is what happens to us in between visits to the doctor.

We can’t just keep building more hospitals and hiring more doctors and expecting everyone to be healthier.

That’s not a sustainable model.

The pandemic has made human health an even bigger priority.

There are so many new business opportunities for organisations outside of healthcare, to make an impact on our health, enabled by technology and data.

How can you look beyond traditional boundaries to develop new products and services that can impact our health whilst helping your organisation to stay relevant during an era of massive change and disruption?