Maarten Verschuere – AI & Emerging Technologies Expert

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Key Topics

  • How will AI shape the Future of Work?
  • How to win withGen Z & Alpha
  • Gen Z and Alpha are the next generations of customers. They are mobile and AI natives who were raised in the 2000’s. They have completely different expectations than the customer of today. Discover their customer journey, how they look for information, how they communicate and the values they uphold as customers of the future.
  • AI Masterclass
  • AI is maturing and becoming the obvious technology in the next wave of digital transformation.

In a dynamic keynote, we answer three major questions:

What does AI mean?

What is the leverage you can expect on your business?

What is the impact it will make on society?

Maarten Verscheuere Topical keynote speaker

About Maarten

Maarten is a Belgian keynote speaker, specialised in emerging technologies. In his keynote he speaks about the impact of AI and emerging technologies on society and business.

He is the founder of, an agency specialised in creating digital solutions using emerging technologies.

Maarten has been active in data & AI for almost 20 years. He founded Clever in 2016, a customer service chatbot platform with a strong focus on CX.

Clever was sold to Zoovu, experts in conversational e-commerce solution in 2019.

Maarten started his career as a data science consultant working for retailers and global consumer brands in the UK, France and the US.

His clients include Tesco, Carrefour, P&G, Microsoft, Ikea.

His key strength is translating the business needs to technical solutions and using storytelling to explain the opportunities that emerge from technology to the business in a way that is easy to understand.

Maarten also offers workshops to translate the inspiration into concrete actions and solution roadmaps.

Keynote topics: AI, Web3, CX, Digital Transformation, Future Of Work, GenZ

Maarten Verscheuere Topical keynote speaker

About the keynote

Keynote “How will AI impact society and your business?”

The aim of the keynote is to inspire the audience, open their minds and provide insight into the potential risks and opportunities that AI can bring to their own business.

Maarten encourages attendees to think about how they can apply AI in their own work and the impact it can have on their industry.

In a high pace and very visual keynote, Maarten grabs the attention of the audience from the start with thought provoking questions about society, customer experience and the future of work.

It’s not about the technology, it’s about how we use it.

During the keynote Maarten covers the definition of the key concepts (e.g. “What is AI?”), including its evolution, in a playful way.

He then delves into in a variety of applications from recommendations engines to deepfake technolog and generative AI, explaining the concepts in a straightforward, non-technical manner.

The keynote ends with concrete applications tailored to the audience.

Maarten demonstrates the risks and the value of emerging technologies by showing the best-in-class case studies from all over the world in the specific industry of the audience.

As an experienced consultant, he concludes with key take-aways and next steps.

This keynote leaves the audience with a burning desire to further explore the topic and discuss the next steps with their peers.

Overall, Maarten’s keynote is an excellent opportunity for professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of this cutting-edge technology and its practical applications. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or simply interested in exploring the future of AI, this keynote is a must-attend.

Providing inspiration–> What are these emerging technologies?

In a 90 minute keynote we inspire the audience and provide insight into what the tech is about and what the impact is for your sector.

Identifying opportunities–> How can you leverage this new technology to augment your business and be ready for Tomorrow?

In a workshop we discover where the value is for your business. Inspired by case studies from all over the world.

Taking the first step–> What is the first specific step to take to start with this?

We provide specific training on how to use new tools (like ChatGPT ) or help you create a pilot project and build a working solution.

Maarten Verscheuere Topical keynote speaker