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A sales and communication speaker, Lee believes great communication is the key to business success.

At conferences and workshops, he shows how to present, network and influence better.

Lee has had leadership roles in several global firms, been a professional magician, and is the author of The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting.

About Lee Warren

An expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication, Lee Warren blends together psychology and sales with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding business communicator.

In an ever-cut-throat industry his keynotes and workshops give business leaders the skills for making that all-important impact.

A professional magician and mind-reader for twenty years, Lee uses his background in magic, psychology, and sales to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding communicator in the world of business.

Described by Prince William as ‘absolutely amazing’, Lee is one of the most popular magicians in the UK.

He has performed at over a thousand networking events; written sell-out theatre shows; and been a commissioned writer at The Almeida Theatre, The Aldeburgh Festival, and The Royal Opera House.

Lee knows that to succeed at any level, it is vital to be persuasive and to connect with people.

On the corporate circuit, he works mainly with global firms in finance, technology, and marketing, helping others to get their message across to colleagues and clients more effectively.

His presentations include “How to persuade anyone to do anything (well, almost)”, “Why grown-ups don’t use PowerPoint”, and “How to make networking work”.

His practical and high-impact presentations, seminars and keynotes have been dubbed ‘business cabaret’.

Lee operates according to two core beliefs: to entertain audiences with fun, interactive and memorable sessions, and to demonstrate that ‘soft skills’ are the key to personal and professional success.

His book The Busy Person’s Guide To Great Presenting: Become a compelling, confident presenter.

Every time, is a clear, simple, and reliable structure which ensures you can engage your audience, build rapport and get your message heard and acted on.

Previously Lee was a sales manager at The Times Supplements; worked for several years in media sales at News International; and set up Invisible Advantage for the fun of trying to make a company successful in the middle of a recession.

Keynote: ‘How To Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (well, almost!)’

Getting your messages heard, believed, and acted on is a key business skill. Whether you’re in a leadership role, a salesperson, trying to get teams to work together, or to get buy-in for projects and resources, you need to be able to engage and persuade your colleagues and clients.

Keynote: ‘Making Networking Work’

Almost all businesses will say that ‘word of mouth’ is crucial to their sales and business development, and everyone knows that having a strong network is key to personal and professional success.

And yet almost no business has a ‘Networking Strategy’ for growth, and most people dread the idea of actively networking.

Keynote: ‘Grown-Ups Don’t Use PowerPoint

Getting your messages heard, believed, and acted on is a key business skill. Whether you’re in a leadership role, a salesperson, trying to get teams to work together, or to get buy-in for projects and resources, you need to be able to engage and persuade your colleagues and clients.

Lee’s Popular Workshops Include…

Making Networking Work.

Relationships drive business, and good networkers thrive in any environment. This session helps you to become better connected, more confident, and more influential.

What’s it about?

Many people find face-to-face networking difficult, even when they’re experienced at it. Often, people mistake quantity for quality, and don’t know how to turn an initial contact into a business relationship.

‘Making Networking Work’ is a highly-interactive, hilarious seminar with a serious point – to help you practise the skills needed to become a better networker.

Who’s it ideal for?

This session is a perfect opener or closer to an event. The highly-interactive nature means that people are on their feet being guided through networking skills throughout the session.

This seminar is perfect for meetings and conferences where networking is important, kick-offs where different departments need to get to know each other, and professional and leadership development events where attendees need to learn the importance of networking.

Sales Without Selling

Many people find sales difficult. Particularly if sales has become a part of their role, rather than being their primary job function – for example, a consultant who now has to start working on new business as well as client delivery.

Often the difficulty comes from a belief that ‘sales’ is something manipulative.

In fact, at the heart of selling is a simple idea – you’re helping people by providing a solution to a problem. The role of sales is to make sure that people get the best possible solution to their problem and that the process of buying the solution is as simple as possible.

Fundamentally, a sales conversation is a conversation about an exchange of value.

Clients want to buy – they just don’t want to be sold to!

‘Sales Without Selling’ is an interactive workshop which takes you through a process designed to help you see the sales journey from the client’s point of view.

We’ll cover:

  • A 4-step process for becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ rather than just a ‘salesperson’
  • Why the best salespeople think in terms of ‘value’ rather than ‘products and services’
  • How to spot sales opportunities early
  • How to conduct a sales conversation without being pushy
  • Why ‘modern selling’ means understanding that the client is more empowered than ever.
  • How to educate the client about their own problems and lead them to a solution
  • Why clients want to buy – they just don’t want to be sold to!

This session uses exercises, discussion, role-play and strategic surprises to give attendees the skills and confidence they need to to build trust during the sales process by focusing on client needs and articulating the value of their solutions to those needs.

The workshop is great fun, highly memorable and full of techniques and tools to use straight away in the real world.

Life’s A Pitch

A lot of people think that a sales pitch is about giving a client information.
But in fact, clients usually already have a lot of information – that’s why they’ve invited you to pitch!
They don’t need more information, they need you to help them make sense of that information.
If they just wanted more information, they’d ask you send them an email, or post a brochure.

Lee’s sales pitch sessions were fun, but useful … The improvement across the agency is immediate.

So, it’s not immediately obvious, but a great sales pitch should not be focused on just information – but on how youaffect the audience with your information.

The workshop ‘Life’s A Pitch’ is focused on how to do this. Using a mixture of practise, role-play, rehearsal and guided coaching, attendees will learn how to create and deliver pitches which leave the competition crying.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you’re probably pitching your fees the wrong way and what to do about it
  • How to get the value of what you do across quickly, credibly and memorably
  • How to change your pitch for different running orders – whether you’re firstin front of the client, last in the list, or somewhere in the middle.
  • How to grab the audience’s attention quickly and ‘hook’ their attention
  • How to focus on what the client needs, rather than what they expect
  • How to stop being just like the competition
  • How to create the ideal conditions for future negotiations during the pitch
  • And how to make the pitch ‘referrable’ to all those decision-makers you never meet

At the end of this session, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to deliver knock-out sales pitches.

Client Feedback

Lee’s session was the highest-rated of the conference. His talk was very engaging and highly transferable.

Lee Warren Keynote Sales Speaker