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As the founding CEO of RISE, a breakthrough wellness company, Suneel Gupta helped thousands of people build better habits for life and work.

Now as a bestselling author and Harvard Medical School visiting scholar, Suneel has taken his mission one step further – helping people achieve sustainable peak performance by bolstering emotional resilience and engagement.

Suneel asks, “How can an organization excel on the outside if its people are exhausted on the inside?”

Grit and hustle are simply not a long-term answer to dealing with non-stop change and stress.

Suneel offers leaders and teams a better way to work; one that results in sustainable innovation, productivity, and fulfillment. He arms people with science-based habits that will avoid burnout, boost energy, and improve their professional and personal lives.

Suneel is a business survivor and the author of the international bestselling book Backable (2020). That book is rooted in his inner journey from twice-failed entrepreneur to becoming a leader behind two IPOs and being named “The New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange.

The book reveals the mindset shifts and hidden habits of people who are extraordinary at pushing new ideas forward.

His next book, due in 2023, will unveil the habits of high-pressure performers, explaining why some people burn out, while others reach new levels of resilience, productivity, and momentum.

As visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School, Suneel researches and teaches the interconnection between inner well-being and outer leadership.

He is also emissary for Gross National Happiness between the United States and the Kingdom ofBhutan.

As CEO of RISE Suneel helped thousands of people establish a way to personalize their physical and mental health journey while connecting with certified nutritionists and trainers at an affordable price.

The company was named “App of the Year” and partnered with then first-Lady Michelle Obama before being acquired by the NASDAQ-listed company One Medical Group.

In 2022, with its acquisition of One Medical Group, RISE is now part of Amazon.

Suneel is currently the host of Business Class, a docuseries created by American Express where he showcases entrepreneurs and business visionaries who embody struggle and resilience.

He is joined on the show by guests like Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, former monk Jay Shetty, and Martha Stewart.

He has partnered with The Second City comedy theater to teach students and executives how to innovate “on-your-feet” during times of rapid change.

Suneel has also personally backed ventures including Impossible Foods, AirBnB, 23&Me, and SpaceX.

He was one of the very first investors in CALM, which now helps millions of people achieve a greater sense of work/life balance.

When a reporter once asked Suneel about his purpose, his response was to “find good people, and inspire them to do what inspires them.”



In the face of an exhaustion epidemic, it’s time to rethink how we view high performance. Grit and hustle have their place short-term but over time are scientifically associated with burnout. As CEO of RISE, Suneel Gupta helped thousands of people overcome their challenges with physical and mental health.

He now helps people build emotional runway to increase performance, innovation, and creativity.

“The people who lose momentum very rarely run out of time or talent – they run out of energy,” says Suneel.

This presentation is rooted in Suneel’s one-of-a-kind teaching at Harvard Medical School, as well as eight years of closely studying the habits of extraordinary leaders who reached breakthrough levels of productivity, resilience, fulfillment, and momentum.

Actionable Takeaways Tailored to Each Audience:

  • Learn why managing energy is as important as managing time
  • Build emotional runway and avoid burnout with science-based practices
  • Master everyday practices for boosting engagement and morale
  • Discover habits from some of the happiest cultures on Earth
  • Reframe failure as a pathway to success
  • Master the changing work landscape with less stress


The future belongs to organizations that enlist everyone in the effort to adapt swiftly to relentless change.

But in the changing world of work, building community, collaboration, and engagement has become harder than before.

Creating a culture that spawns fresh ideas is only half the battle – showing people how to move their ideas forward is the other half that most leaders and organizations miss.

When people understand how to get a new idea “backed” by colleagues, customers, and communities…big things happen. Breakthrough ideas rise to the surface, projects proceed faster and smarter, and organizations become magnets for top talent.

Actionable Takeaways Tailored to Each Audience:

  • 7 ways to engage others and turn a new idea into a vision that captivates attention and inspires action
  • How extraordinary leaders create a spirit of inclusion, collaboration, and community
  • Learn the “Game of Now” and why extraordinary leaders don’t wait for the timing to be exactly right
  • Embrace a new path to high performance that beats burnout and boosts innovation, creativity, and momentum


Suneel left our team at Walgreens smarter and ready to innovate.

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Walgreens

Thought-provoking and inspiring. He resonated deeply with our audience.

Global Head of Wealth, Dow Jones

Remarkable! Extremely valuable! You ignited discussions for the rest of the conference. Hundreds of members have already downloaded your Backable principles, and I can already see them being used to spark fresh, creative ideas. I can’t wait for the book to come out! Can we have you back next year?

Executive Director, State Association of County Retirement Systems

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