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  • Global Mindset For Global Leaders
  • Cultural Intelligence For Global Success
  • How To Be A Culturally Adaptable Speaker
  • Building Trust In Global Teams


  • Enhance cultural awareness, understanding, sensitivity and respect
  • Generate interest in different cultures and promote cultural diversity
  • Explore the composition and significance of cultural identities at work
  • Understand the link between people’ values and their behaviors
  • Apply strategies needed to engage successfully in intercultural interactions
  • Create adaptable people who can modify mindset and behavior while working with each other
  • Widen horizons to see things from diverse perspectives
  • Build an inclusive team that serves the common business interest


Meital Baruch is an Organizational Consultant, Intercultural Trainer & Facilitator, and Speaker on Cultural Intelligence and Global Mindset.

Her expertise is focused on Intercultural learning and effective communication across global and cultural boundaries.


Meital designs Intercultural learning programs and global leadership solutions to help organizations thrive in a culturally diverse world.

Learning to appreciate the diversity of worldviews, value systems, and work styles will significantly increase the potential for successful collaboration with colleagues, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders worldwide.

Bringing her corporate HR experience and driven by a genuine will and passion, Meital is determined to help people and organizations bridge cultural gaps, develop global leadership talents, and promote a global mindset for the entire organization.In 2014, Meital founded the Global Mindset organization, inspired by her mission to promote understanding, acceptance, and collaboration across cultures.

She works with leaders from various industries and backgrounds, including large corporations, boutique start-ups and educational institutions.

Founder – Global Mindset

Meital is based in Singapore and she is the Global Mindset provides Intercultural learning programs and global leadership solutions designed to facilitate collaboration in a diverse business environment.

Global Mindset designs Intercultural learning programs and global leadership solutions to help organizations thrive in a culturally diverse world.

Working as a Consultant my role is to maximize organizational performance by applying research based tools and developing a Global Mindset across all levels.

Developing a Global Learning Mindset

There is no doubt that our early experiences with learning in childhood shape the way we behave and interact with others later in the workplace.

As the world is getting more and more interconnected and diverse – organizations should learn to embrace and see the value in various learning approaches.

A “compliant style” benefits organizations by allowing people to pay more attention necessary for learning (especially in today’s world when the attention span is shortened than ever before).

It also ensures efficient learning by avoiding interruptions and allowing teams to discuss and progress work tasks and projects as planned.

Learning Through Obedience

When I took my first academic course with a Singapore-based institution, I found the whole learning experience as very different compared with my studying in Israel.

One of the key differences I immediately noticed is that the number of questions asked during class time was noticeably fewer (and most of them were asked by me!).

What I was not aware of at the time is that in Singaporean society, the hierarchy and harmony aspects of Confucianism considered it disrespectful to question the teacher in front of the entire class.

When the teacher speaks and exhibits knowledge, the students should not interrupt but listen attentively and only the teacher could ask questions of the students to test their ability to think and analyze.

No wonder that later on, when we received our group assignment, nobody wanted me in their group…
The process of questioning authority in Asian cultures might be seen as having a negative outcome for several reasons.

Firstly, it may lead to loss of face if the question is too simple, too difficult, or irrelevant; secondly, it may be seen as implied criticism of the teacher, who should have pre-empted any relevant questions if he or she had prepared the lesson properly; and thirdly it may be seen as wasting valuable class time of fellow students.

The preferred strategy is to piece the puzzle by oneself, but if unable to do so, then seek guidance outside of class time, where potential negative consequences are minimized in a one-to-one situation.

Meital ensures personalized delivery by investing the time necessary to research your industry, learn your business issues, and craft the presentation into a unique and distinctive moment just for your audience.

Meital is happy to join you on a ‘discovery call’ to discuss your event’s objectives.