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Serene helps companies pursue profits by looking after it’s people.

I’m a coach, consultant, and advocate of conscious business, working to help companies move to a people first business model, not just because it is good for society, but because it is good for business.

Connect with me to find out how you can transform your organisational culture to ensure you thrive in a post-pandemic world of greater consciousness and connectedness.Through a proven system of organisational change for the future of work, she enables leaders to take charge of their business units and drive business goals and processes towards people-centricity in such a way as to increase company performance, and profits.

This includes working with leadership teams to reengineer their organisations’ strategy and values for greater social and environmental focus. Some of the clients she has worked with over the past 26 years are Agility, Boston Scientific, Celanese, Citibank, Deliveroo, Ernst & Young, GE, Government of Singapore, JustCo, Line Corporation, Ogilvy, Olympus, Pentair, Prudential, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Telecoms, and Veolia.

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Serene is principal consultant at Senserene.

Since 2006, Senserene has helped hundreds of companies improve their people’s health and happiness through corporate wellness, employee engagement, and talent management initiatives.
We are approved for Enterprise Development Grants under Enterprise Singapore, and Workplace Health grants under Health Promotion Board Singapore.

Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, and SMEs, such as Adam Khoo, Agility, Boston Scientific, Celanese, Ernst and Young, GE, KPMG, Olympus, Noel Gifts, and Veolia.

Serene is happy to have a discovery call with you to discuss your event or project in more depth and discuss content of her talks to suit you and your audience.