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  • Internationally awarded as TOP100 Excellent Keynote Speaker for years
  • Nominated for the Red Fox Award as Keynote Speaker of the Year 2019 & 2020
  • Speaks at Germany’s largest knowledge events with over 60,000 participants
  • Leadership & Responsibility, Error Culture & Trust, Teamwork & Communication

In 2003, at the age of 22, Philip Keil was one of the youngest commercial pilots in Germany.

He wants to get to know the world and flies for several years in the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

His logbook reads impressively: over 9,000 flight hours, thousands of take-offs and landings on four continents and in almost all climate zones.February 24, 2009 changed his life forever. Within seconds, a routine flight becomes an acute emergency for the crew and almost 200 passengers.

Philip Keil is able to avert a catastrophe and is back in the cockpit just a few days later.

More than 9,000 flying hours, thousands of take-offs and landings on four continents. And one flight that changed his life…

“Germany’s most famous pilot” (ERFOLG magazine) transfers exciting impulses from the cockpit into the business world.

As a leader above the clouds, he speaks by daily experience about teamwork, positive error culture and dealing with challenges.

For his motivating keynote speeches Philip Keil received several awards, such as the nomination as keynote speaker of the year 2019 & 2020.

The german Handelsblatt states:
“As top-speaker and successful author he inspired tens of thousands of people across Europe”.


Since 2016, Philip Keil has been regularly in front of the camera. His extraordinary life story as a pilot, well-known motivational speaker and successful author makes him a sought-after interview guest on TV.

He gives viewers exciting insights into his world above the clouds and derives food for thought about the future of our work.

He talks from the pilot’s point of view about valuable mistakes or how we use a crisis as important feedback.Since 2017, the speaker from Munich has also been regularly seen as an aviation expert in the news at WELT, n-tv and Deutsche Welle.

Phillip Keil Keynote speaker

Talks & Topics


The team makes the difference.

Flying is one thing above all: teamwork. What is the secret of successful teams and where do teams fail? As a leader above the clouds, Philip Keil speaks from everyday practice about leadership and communication in difficult situations.

If you want to leave comfort zones and strengthen personal responsibility, you have to create a team culture of trust beyond rigid hierarchies.

This award-winning keynote speech transfers the “Human Factor” concept from aviation to the corporate world – exciting and concretely applicable.

The human factor instead of autopilot: Leadership culture in uncertain times

Personal responsibility: Teams need clear roles, not steep hierarchies

Trust is the fuel for success: teamwork at maximum altitude

Topics: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication


Confident decision-making in turbulent times

Neither on the ground nor in the air does everything always go according to plan. No matter how good the plan is. In aviation, these moments are called “decision points”.Philip Keil shows how pilots make difficult decisions and consistently rely on a positive error culture. Only those who dare to openly address mistakes can prevent a dangerous “chain of errors”. It is not a wrong decision that leads to a crash, but almost always the absence of a decision – even in the company cockpit!

Dealing with change: Achieving goals means reaching people

Because driving to the right is not possible: Decide safely with a clear focus

Don’t ask WHO, understand WHY: This is how positive error culture succeeds

Topics: Error culture, decision-making, change management