Leanne Spencer – Wellbeing & Burnout Prevention Expert

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Leanne Spencer is a female keynote wellbeing speaker specialising in stress management, burnout prevention, recovery and resilience.

Leanne Spencer is a keynote speaker and wellbeing consultant, with over 10 years’ experience in wellbeing and 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition.

Leanne began her career in sales and spent over 15 years working in the City of London before leaving in 2012 to set up an award-winning wellbeing company, after suffering from burnout.

Leanne is the bestselling author of three books, hosts a podcast and is a Bear Grylls Survival Instructor.

Leanne’s keynote shows your teams how to beat burnout and have more fun using her unique Cadence Approach™. Today’s business environment is fast-paced and demanding, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added new stresses to people’s lives.

The ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances is a vital skill, and one which we can learn from some of the most resilient people in society – athletes. Leanne’s methodology will inspire your teams to see themselves as business athletes, showing them how to manage their energy, reduce stress and minimise risk of burnout by following the simple and innovative 4-step process.

Leanne’s personal values are to live truthfully, considerately and to “suck all the marrow out of life” as Thoreau wrote.

As a representative of the charity Diversity Role Models which works to combat homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and fundraises for Alzheimer’s Research, recently completing the world’s toughest ski race, raising £10,125 for the charity.

Leanne’s TEDx talk on why fitness is more important than weight has been viewed over 100,000 times and she is the author of two bestselling wellbeing books.

Asking the provocative question When Are Your Wimbledons, Leanne will show your audience how to beat burnout and perform in life and work using her unique Cadence Approach™.


The Cadence Approach Wellbeing Keynote

Leanne’s wellbeing keynote teaches your teams to take ownership of their health and wellbeing using our unique Cadence Approach™, inspired by athletes who generally are very good at managing and restoring their energy levels.

They do this by looking ahead to their schedule and identifying the big events; preparing themselves by focusing on their mind, body and wellbeing; performing at high level and then taking a break to allow their minds and bodies to recover.

Rather than expecting your teams to be operating at peak performance all year round, the Cadence Approach™ shows your teams how to manage their energy so they can perform (and feel) at their best.

PREDICT when the big events are in your life by asking ‘when are your Wimbledon’s?’
PREPARE for those events the way an athlete would by ‘building your bulletproof’
PERFORM when you need to and ‘respect your red flags’ for good health and vitality
RECOVER by taking your foot off the gas pedal – ‘backing off beats burnout’

Outcomes include:

  • Better handle stress
  • Develop resilience
  • Reduce risk of burnout
  • Promote better recovery
  • Retain high energy levels
  • Learn to manage change

It’s ideal for

Opening and closing keynotes, sales conferences, senior leadership meetings, annual company meetings.

This wellbeing keynote works best as an in-person talk but is also delivered virtually. As a seasoned wellbeing speaker Leanne has equal experience in doing both and is very comfortable with either format.