Aimée Mullins – Paralympic Athlete, Actress & Amputee

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Aimée Mullins revels in the exploration of what is possible—both for herself and those whose lives she touches.

She is an actor, a story-teller, a Renaissance woman, and an inspirational icon for achieving the “impossible.”

Aimée has developed her own unique formula for the “invented life,” curated from her unique combination of life experiences as an Olympic athlete, ground-breaking high fashion model, a beacon for design tech, dedicated advocate and avant-garde actor.

Aimée has spoken multiple times at the world-famous TED conference, is a TED All-Star and her talks have been viewed over 5 million times.

Aimée is a 2017 inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame and is currently on the popular, Emmy-nominated Netflix series Stranger Things.

She delights in the sharing what she has learned to help others shatter perceived limitations and reinvent themselves.

In a warm, engaging and approachable style, Aimée offers insightful, actionable and powerful guidance to audiences worldwide.

TED Appearances

TED: It’s not fair having 12 pairs of legs
TED: The opportunity of adversity
TED All Stars: The Power of Daydreaming



Aimée’s presentation is a full 60 minutes in length.

For a more unique experience, Aimée is often hosted for interactive, hour-long Q&A sessions with a moderator and the audience, especially when audiences include children or are open/promoted to the public.

Audiences truly enjoy the opportunity to engage in a free-ranging question and answer session, drawn from their own lives and challenges, and Aimée enjoys the dynamic, highly personalized format.
The result is the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Embracing Adversity

As the pace of business accelerates and established industries spin-off, evolve or die, executives face a world far more complex than that of even a decade ago.

Competition, technology, paradigm shifts and globalization make “business as usual” more like “crisis as usual.”

As organizations face these challenges, leaders must continually decide how to respond.

Turning away is not an option… so how can challenges be addressed in new ways?

How can adverse conditions be viewed with curiosity and wonder? Is it possible for your business to thrive when your industry overall is in survival mode?

Aimee Mullins will share how she has chosen to answer these questions and how every individual can adopt the mindset that adversity and change are not to be dreaded, but actually welcomed as exciting parts of today’s “new normal.”

From this vantage point, Aimée will share how she creates her path to success by taking the audience on a journey through some of the critical decision points she faced in her life — a life that has seen experiences at the Pentagon, the Olympics, in business, acting, modeling and as the President of the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Most importantly, through Aimée’s experiences, listeners will see their personal and professional challenges through a powerful new lens and learn to respond to them in even more authentic, effective and meaningful ways.

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Aimée was a huge hit at our user conference. She received a higher score in our attendee survey than any of the other 12 guest speakers we have featured.
Her inspirational story and story-telling skill exceeded our very high expectations.
We provided a rewarding and memorable experience for our customers.
Thank you very much, Aimée!

Chief Marketing Officer, Guidewire Software

Aimée’s keynote was a huge success at our event! She was the closing keynote and received a standing ovation.
Many people have continued to reach out to relay how inspiring she was and what an impact she made on them that continues to resonate.
She did an excellent job at weaving our overall theme into her talk, as well as speaking to topics relayed by earlier speakers.
Her presence, passion, honesty and vulnerability are the perfect combination that reaches out, grabs the crowd, and keeps them engaged.
If you have the chance to book her or hear her speak – don’t miss the opportunity.