Jason Bridges – Emotional Intelligence Expert

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About Jason Bridges

27 years ago he got a second chance.

A car accident changed the course of my life to one of service, gratitude, and curiosity.

Jason Bridges offers his personal story of building his EQ after a traumatic brain injury.

He found through his struggle that the most crucial thing in building success was the relationships he built with the people around him.

Bridges built his businesses by injecting emotional intelligence into his business model and effectively teaching emotional intelligence to his employees.

Bridges recommends using the smile challenge as a powerful way to raise EQ quickly. By using one’s smile to make five others smile per day, they are raising their EQ. T
his challenge builds self-awareness, social awareness, empathy, and relationships. It is a free and simple way to begin a practice for emotional intelligence.

“Be interested, not interesting,” is a motto that Mr. Bridges uses and teaches those seeking higher EQ.
After undergoing a major brain injury as a teen, Jason Bridges was challenged by a diminished IQ.

However, he discovered the value of emotional intelligence and how this “EQ” could be used to excel in the world around him.

Jason teaches how you too can grow your EQ and how it can improve your personal and professional life.

Jason Bridges is a 1998 alumnus of Wabash College and previously gave a Chapel Talk titled, “Please, Please Lower Your GPA.”

He is currently the CEO of both Nantucket Bike Tours, and Handlebar Cafe located on the Nantucket Island, MA, and offers Bike Tour internships to Wabash students focused on improving Emotional Intelligence skills. Jason also is the Public Outreach Manager responsible for improving community engagement and digital resources for the Town of Nantucket.

Fast forward to today, he spend my time as a leadership coach working with business leaders, hustling as a small business owner of Nantucket Bike Tours and the Handlebar Cafe, and representing his hometown community as an elected official on the Nantucket Select Board. Jason best serves as an example of the power of emotional intelligence, our ability to strengthen these skills over time with focused, intentional practice, and the importance of developing these skills for achieving our personal and professional goals.

Over time, he has leveraged emotional intelligence to develop his businesses, give back to the community, and try to build relationships to lift up those around me