Anousheh Ansari – Space Astronaut & Xprize Founder

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When booked for corporate events, Anousheh is known to cover the following topics:

Entrepreneurial Success as a Woman

Space Commercialization & It’s Future

Students, Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Reaching for the Stars and Getting There


Anousheh Ansari is a leading entrepreneur who made headlines as the first female private space explorer.

As an entrepreneur, Anousheh is on a mission to dramatically revolutionize digital living experiences and to unleash the true power of the internet to all its users.

Also passionate to drive the commercialization of space exploration, Anousheh and her family have also created a sponsorship fund to see non-governmental spacecraft in space.

Now booked as a popular keynote speaker for corporate events, Anousheh is booked to speak on female entrepreneurial success, reaching for the stars, space commercialization and the change we want to see in the world.

Best known as the first female private space explorer, Anousheh is also the CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation and the founder of Prodera Systems.

With Prodera Systems, Anousheh is on a mission to change the digital experience that we receive as users of the Internet and unleash its true potential for all.

The XPRIZE Foundation operates large incentive competitions to solve humanities problems, and Anousheh’s family provided a $10 million cash prize to launch the first non-governmental reusable manned spacecraft, in a bid to accelerate the commercialisation of the space industry.

Anousheh is also famed for being the former co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Telecom Technologies.

Anousheh first came to the United States as a teenager, moving from her native country to study.

Graduating in electronics, computer engineering and electrical engineering, Anousheh has since been awarded Honorary Doctorates from the International Space University and is now studying for a Masters in Astronomy.

Back in 2006, Anousheh made headlines as the first female private space explorer, the first Muslim woman in space and the first Iranian astronaut.

From that point on, Anousheh has been a pioneer of space travel and continues to revolutionise the industry with XPRIZE Foundation.

Anousheh has also dedicated her time to act as a member of the Association of Space Explorers and is a UNESCO Good Will Ambassador.

She is also on the advisory board for the Teacher’s in Space Project and has won countless awards for her commitments to both industry and space.

She has formerly been the recipient of the Working Woman’s National Entrepreneurial Excellence Award and the George Mason University’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.
She has also claimed recognition as a Young Global Leader from the World Economic Forum, been awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the George Washington University’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award.

Her former company Telecoms Technologies was also recognised as Deloitte & Touche’s Fast 500 Technology Companies and Inc Magazine’s 500 Fast-Growing Companies.

Having also authored My Dream of Stars, Anousheh is now a popular choice as a keynote speaker for events, sought to speak about her space endeavours and career as a successful entrepreneur.

Having spoken for high-profile clients, Anousheh was previously invited to speak at a TED event with her speech Only As Much As We Dream We Can Be.

As a speaker, Anousheh is hired to speak on topics such as entrepreneurial success as a woman, space commercialisation, students and the change they can be in the world.

An insightful and inspirational speaker, Anousheh Ansari is a great choice to speak on the possibilities that technology and space possess.

Anousheh Ansari Astronaut


Anousheh is a great advocate for use of technology for benefit of humanity, closing the digital Gap and promote equity, Women in STEM and entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment.

Dr. Ansari first got involved with the Foundation when she, along with her family, sponsored the organization’s first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, a $10 million competition that ignited a new era for commercial spaceflight. 

Since then, she has served on XPRIZE’s Board of Directors and the XPRIZE Vision Circle. #

She joined the Foundation as the CEO based on her belief in the potential of using advanced technologies for good and recognizing XPRIZE as a powerful medium to accelerate breakthroughs and investment in those technologies that can solve the most complex problems facing humanity.

Anousheh Ansari  keynote speaker

Prior to being named CEO of XPRIZE, Dr. Ansari Co-founded and served as the CEO of Prodea Systems, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm.

Prodea created one of the world’s leading patented IoT platforms to service a variety of industries from consumer goods and industrial companies to service providers, healthcare companies, utilities and governments.