Karishma Vaswani – Current Broadcaster with Bloomberg, former BBC Asia

Karishma Vaswani is one of the highest profile journalists in Asia.

An award-winning television presenter and broadcaster, Karishma worked for the BBC across Asia and South Asia for two decades, covering some of the biggest stories and interviewing some of the biggest names in the region.

In August 2023, she moved to Bloomberg Opinion, where she writes, broadcasts and comments on multiple platforms including tv, radio, digital and social on Asia Pacific and China in particular, augmenting her profile as a major thought leader in the region.

Karishma Vaswani awards host and presenter

At the BBC, Karishma was Chief Asia Presenter, based in Singapore, where she was responsible for editorial direction and agenda on primetime morning Asia programmes, as well as driving four-plus hours of live television news.

Karishma is a multi-platform, multi-skilled, and multi-lingual journalist, who has worked across broadcast, digital and social media.

She has reported extensively from around Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia, traveling across the region as the BBC’s Asia Business Correspondent – from Kazakhstan to Australia and everything in between.

A key focus of Karishma’s reporting has been the rise of China, the US-China trade war and tensions, and what that relationship means for the rest of us. Before Singapore, she was based in Indonesia as the Indonesia editor and correspondent, and before that, she was the BBC’s first Mumbai-based business correspondent and presenter of India Business Report.

Karishma is in high demand as a Keynote Speaker, Moderator and Event MC, drawing on broadcasting expertise and deep knowledge of global affairs and Asia in particular.

Karishma Vaswani awards host and presenter


Karishma Vaswani’s interview with Jacqueline Poh at Babson Connect Worldwide 2024: Singapore was nothing short of captivating. Through her insightful questions and adept interviewing skills, Vaswani skillfully navigated the conversation, allowing Poh’s wisdom and expertise to shine.
It was a privilege to witness these two influential figures come together to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of business in Singapore and beyond.

Jason Polasek,Babson

At YPO we host various top resources and often have private fireside chats for our community. Karishma interviewed Zak Brown for us in Singapore during the F1 weekend and did an absolutely fabulous job.
She had all her research done in advance, Q&A prepped and ready and was able to gauge both the crowd and the speaker and adapt when necessary, managing both time and engagement. 

The event was a huge success and having a professional like Karishma run it was the right choice.

Thank you Karishma!

Zaen Hamid, Founder, Collyer Capital
Karishma Vaswani awards host and presenter