Susie Dent Lexicographer, TV personality, event host



Susie Dent is best known for her appearances on the popular UK TV game show “Countdown”, where she has presided over Dictionary Corner since 1992.

A former Editorial Director for Oxford University Press, and spokesperson for the Oxford English Dictionary, Susie is certainly considered an expert in her field.

She has a superb ability to pinpoint the power of precise language and the value of its use across business and personal contexts, enabling leaders to communicate effortlessly and memorably.

She weaves entertaining yet educational stories and case studies into her presentations, drawn from a lifetime’s observation of how language has both helped and hindered.

A Fun & Interactives Keynote Speaker & Presenter

Her keynotes have fun and interactive elements that bring her message to life for audiences.

Susie’s sessions enable organisations and management teams to refine their own messages and effectively improve the way they communicate internally and with customers. Companies all over the world face daily challenges when it comes to language, including different demographic nuances and cultural differences in vocabulary.

Susie gives her audiences a new appreciation as to the value that precise language brings, suggesting ways in which they can integrate her approaches into more powerful word choices across different relationships.

She even illuminates how jargon and slang play a convincing role within and between different business tribes in successfully negotiating personal and professional success.


  1. Susie is an unabashed eavesdropper; her ear is always poised for scraps of idiosyncratic interaction;
  2. She has played the role of G.O.D. (“Guardian of Dictionaries”) on the United Kingdom‘s favourite TV game show “Countdown” with over 3000 appearances;
  3. Launched the extremely popular ‘Something Rhymes with Purple’ podcast with celebrity co-host Gyles Brandreth where every week they uncover the hidden origins of language and sayings, and exchange witty quips as well as fun wordplay;
  4. She developed the App ‘Two Words’ where two players can challenge each other’s word skills to a series of interactive tests;
  5. Susie shares with global audiences the language that leads advertising and marketing departments to better customer engagement models with compelling content that sells.

Susie’s presentation was a real hit! She‘s both engaging and informative; it was such a pleasure to work with her in the build-up to the event. She tailored her presentation to the international audience and received very high scores from delegates!

Simon Morris, Adobe Systems Europe

Susie’s lecture was one of the most memorable. I was really impressed, in today’s world of mostly visual communication around us…we tend to forget that the words we choose have impact as well.

Ksenija Oletic, Ameritest