Keynote Speaker case study

Jim Lawless – Thales Security Virtual Partner Conference January 2021

What was your brief and what was your challenge?

I came to Adam and the Covered Speakers Bureau because I wanted to find a reliable bureau that we could really create a regular work with to help us with not only our in person partner conference, but future conferences as well.

We are always looking for external keynote speakers to come into our business and advise to our employees to reinforce behaviors, identify ways to improve, explore why organizational values are important, develop shared commitments, as well as generate excitement about the future.

No small order.

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker
plenary session

What did you do?

After my initial conversation with Adam on the phone it was clear that he had our best interests at heart when planning for our Annual Partner Conference back in November.

As this event was held after the lockdowns had benee Covid-19 pandemic we were on unfamiliar territory because we were having to turn to a virtual format for our conference when previously we would have had a lovely in person conference venue setting.

So we needed the speaker that we booked to not only be an expert but also to be engaging to keep the attention of our audience.

Plus we wanted to draw as many customers to the webinar as possible so we required a speaker of notable status and background to attract those customers.

With Adam’s help, and with him providing around three or four potential speaker ideas for our event, we settled on Jim Lawless for our partner conference.

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker
plenary session

What Was Your Result?

I have to say Jim was really fantastic Jim spoke about change and adaptation and spoke to our partners and customers about how they could manage change in such turbulent times for their own businesses as well as ours here at Thales.

In the run up to our event Adam worked with my colleague Anschy over in Germany and he was so quick to provide the information require ahead of our virtual conference – the little things like sending

Jim’s bio and image across promptly so that we could use these to promote our conference effectively to our customer base.

Our partners were left with content that they could action right away and we had such good feedback from our partners therefore making our team at Thales look good to our customers too!

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker
Jim Lawless Free diving

Client feedback

You have provided a very good service and have been extremely helpful. You have made the whole process smooth and painless – Jim was such a good fit for the event.
Thank you Adam for all your help- onto the next one!

Claire Pitman-Massie, Director of Field Marketing, Thales Security

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