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Sarah Armstrong–Smith, Lookout Security Software Virtual Customer Webinar, March 2022

Lookout Mobile Security, a long-standing client of ours here at the Covered Speakers Bureau, came to us asking for ideas on keynotes speakers who could talk about Cybersecurity and mainly the topic of Ransomware, for their annual customer virtual webinar.

We presented the marketing team with a number of options and they decided on Sarah Armstrong Smith.

Sarah Armstrong-Smith Speaker

Sarah Armstrong-Smith is the Chief Security Officer at Microsoft.

Where others see risk, Sarah sees opportunity. She has a passion for pushing the boundaries, delivering capability and challenging the status quo!

Like many IT professionals, her her story kick starts in 1999 when I found myself working on the ‘millennium bug’ programme for a large water utility. Way before Simon Sinek, she was driven to constantly ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ to understand what was critical, the impact if something went wrong and how to protect it.

Sarah didn’t know that what I was looking at was business continuity. To me it just felt like common sense, and it was an area that I would grow to excel in.

Over the next 20 years my thirst for knowledge and passion for tech continued to grow and my career evolved to include disaster recovery, cybersecurity, data protection and privacy. This enabled her to take a wider, holistic approach to problem solving, crisis management and resilience.

She is currently Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, where she gets to indulge and share my enthusiasm for innovative technology. She works with strategic customers and partners across Europe to help them evolve their digital strategy.

The webinar talked about the Myths And Psychology Of Ransomware Attacks And How To Mitigate Risk.

Client feedback

Working with and getting to know Sarah has been an absolute pleasure. Lisa is extremely self motivated, hardworking, and brings a unique perspective to every situation. As a speaker, Sarah really works hard to ensure she includes her own experience, but also does her research to ensure the integrity of the content prevails. I would highly recommend working with Sarah as she brings quality to the project

Kelsea, Customer Marketing Manager, Lookout Mobile Security

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