Amy Brann –Brain Powered People Development

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -


  • Hallmarks of Effective Leaders
  • Behaviour change & neuroflexibility
  • Neuro learning habits
  • The Inclusive Workplace
  • Sustainable Wellbeing
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Sustainable High Performance
  • People development
  • Achieving your whole brain potential
  • Brain Performance
  • Behavior & Mindset Change
  • Continuous improvement
  • Neuroscience of coaching
  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Creating workplace cultures
  • Teamwork and collaboration

About Amy Brann

Amy is the founder of Synaptic Potential, a consultancy that supports sustainable high performance enabling people to contribute more to their organisation by working smarter not harder.

She is an author and a global speaker who ’ s ‘Fact not Fluff’ approach is a welcome authority in a world awash with questionable theories.

She passionately believes that a great way to achieve your full potential in life and work is by knowing more about how your brain works so you can work with it.

Her combination of scientific expertise and practical real-world experience give audiences easy-to-implement frameworks that uplift brain performance.

Is your organisation using its Whole Brain Potential?

How consistently do the people in your organisation actually access their FULL BRAIN PERFORMANCE when carrying out their daily work?

Amy will take you through the exciting research that drives mindset, motivation, performance, and habits. Synaptic Potential has worked with some of the top organisations in the world to help them work smarter, not harder. Their impressive clients include Tesco, Warner Brother, EY, Twinings, Novartis and BNP Paribas.

As well as being at the helm of Synaptic Potential for over 19 years, Amy is also the author of three compelling, multi-translation books – Make Your Brain Work, Neuroscience for Coaches, and Engaged:

The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organisations – that offer a unique take on people development through the lens of neuroscience.

Amy ‘s confident and charismatic approach has enabled her to support a wide range of organisations.
She speaks to leaders and managers that describe their people as ‘intelligent and discerning’ and wants to drive performance from a scientific, evidence based perspective.

What can a keynote of this nature offer your organisation? Synaptic Potential have helped organisations improve change fatigue, innovation slumps, a lacking learning culture, depleted wellbeing and team disharmony.

Amy’s personable and down to earth approach to credible science has also helped organisations understand how you can harness the brain to improve trust, humility, resilience, autonomy, engagement and all the things that count when it comes to a thriving workplace culture and outstanding commercial results.

Amy has shared her ‘High Performing Neural Network’s’ research and practical takeaways on the Master of Sports Science MSD at Manchester Met University, various MBAs and at Cambridge’s Moller Institute over the years.

Her ‘Change Readiness’ approach is used to help organisations who need their people to embrace change and show agility and adaptability.

It reduces the friction caused by practical challenges people face in embracing & implementing change.

The Synaptic Potential team are dedicated to their vision of equipping organisations with the knowledge to unlock their ‘Whole Brain Potential’.

This is achieved through their inspiring keynotes, workshops, webinars and practical masterclasses, with every one embedded with practical habits.

All of the exciting knowledge Amy shares is aligned with the research into ‘Hallmarks of High Performance’ and how neural networks are shaped in our brains.

They offer bespoke consultancy services with internal professionals and shape company culture through neuroscience essentials. Amy’s work serves as a catalyst to transform the organisation from the inside out, redesigning the narrative.

Hallmarks of Effective Leaders

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Who are smart leaders, who don’t want any fluff and are open to just how impactful their leadership is.
  • Who want to unlock the potential of their people, but need some guidance in how to do that in a time efficient way.
  • Where performance of their people really counts for delivering ambitious goals.

Behaviour change & neuroflexibility

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • For whom behavioural change is critical to organisational success.
  • Where there is a healthy respect and curiosity towards what science can add to how people can change most efficiently and comfortably.
  • Who may have been on a change journey for some time or know change is about to ramp up.

Neuro learning habits

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Who are keen to know practically how they can fit more learning into an already busy schedule! They are struggling to make time for learning.
  • That know the world isn’t going to stop changing, and so they need to keep up and keep adapting.
  • Want to develop healthy learning habits (with a science underpinning).

The Inclusive Workplace

This is perfect for your audience if…

  • You recognise that different people have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Equality, creativity, flexibility are important to you – even if you’re not sure how to make them all happen.
  • Every employee counts and you want each of them to perform at their highest level.
  • Conversations have begun around diversity, inclusion and equality.

Sustainable Wellbeing

This is perfect for your audience if…

  • Your people are stressed, exhausted or experiencing change fatigue.
  • Perhaps you have already tried to help them with gyms, mindfulness subscriptions or motivational talks on resilience.
  • The workload is not likely to decrease substantially anytime soon.
  • You need people performing at the top of their game

Critical thinking & problem solving

This is perfect for your audience if…

  • They are smart people who are typically very strong on cognitive processes.
  • Solving problems will continue to be an important part of their role.
  • You need fresh innovation to support organisational objectives.
  • Science and facts that underpin practical strategies are valued

Sustainable High Performance

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Where their success depends on them using their brains as well as possible.
  • That are looking for a way to approach performance enhancement that doesn’t result in employee burnout.
  • That value a science-based approach to people development.
  • That strive for new ways to develop their brain potential.

Testimonials Pharma Sector

In the most lively and energetic way Amy has helped us understand how our brain can prevent us from reaching our full potential and has given us some practical ways to overcome this.
Very insightful and stimulating.

Rob Koremans, MD, CEO, Recordati S.p.A

Every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Hodl Whittaker, Global Head of Learning & Development, Haleon

Amy did a fireside chat and answered questions that we had prepared and sent to her in advance as well as taking questions from the audience.
We had a lot of positive feedback from the group about her advice on this topic and I personally really liked this style of speaking because the audience were a lot more involved and engaged when their own questions were being answered.
It meant that the talk was very targeted to our group and it was a good opportunity to get your own questions answered by a professional.

Riona Pye, Astrazeneca

Testimonials from the Financial and Banking Sector

It was a huge success from reading some of the feedback comments that have come through. Thank you so much Amy.

Ayesha Khan, Consultant People Advisory Services, EY

The session today really helped identify where we have some things to clarify and to work on in the coming weeks… appreciate you tailoring so much of the content to our situation.

James Cockin, EMEA Head of Employee Communication & Engagement, Citi Bank

Thanks – yesterday was a great start. I simply loved it, it was wonderful to see your passion and expertise in action. I had a chat with my colleagues on our way back to the office. We all thought it was extremely valuable and your storytelling combined to exemplifying was simply great!

Anne Lind, MD Financial Services, Management Consulting Lead Nordic, Talent and Organisation Lead Nordic, Accenture, Finland