Arnaud Jerald – World record-holding freediving champion

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World record-holding free diver in bi-fins
His first free dive, at age 16, saw him reach a depth of thirty metres
Broke the freediving world record seven times
Undertook the world’s deepest free dive to a depth of 120 metres in August 2022

Speaking Topics

  • Resilience in challenging situations
  • Leadership
  • How to set goals in line with your vision
  • Be the Champion of your own World
  • Become the actor of your own safety

“I’m often told ‘you’re putting your life in danger’ but for me the biggest risk is getting up every morning and doing something I don’t like.”

Arnaud Jerald

Tuesday 9 August 2022 saw Arnaud Jerald executed the deepest ever free dive in bi-fins. He descended to a depth of 120 metres, i.e., 393.7 feet. It was the seventh world record dive of his career.

Arnaud Jerald is no stranger to adversity. Due to his dyslexia, he found navigating his school career difficult. His father, however, introduced him to freediving while still quite young. He attended his first freediving course at the age of 15 and reached a depth of thirty metres. This was an exceptional performance when taking his age into account.

A new world opened in front of his eyes at the bottom of the ocean. Arnaud Jerald had found himself and a place where he felt safe and at home. He felt he could, for the first time, really breathe. He had found his calling.

Arnaud Jerald started taking part in competitions upon completing his studies in 2017. He very quickly started setting new records. By the time he turned 21, he had reached a depth of 100 metres, making him the youngest free diver in history to do so. According to him, it is incredible to think that more people have made a trip to the moon than those who had dived to a depth of 100 metres in one single breath.

He broke his first world record in 2019 with a 108 metres dive. He beat his own record in 2020 when at the age of 24 years, he set a new world record by diving to a depth of 112 metres in Kalamata, Greece.

His first time participating in Vertical Blue, commonly regarded as the ‘Wimbledon’ of freediving, Arnaud Jerald once again broke the world record with a dive of 116 metres. He broke the record a few days later by diving one meter deeper.

In 2022, Arnaud Jerald once more returned to Vertical blue, setting a new record in bi-fins. Diving to a depth of 119 metres, he broke his sixth world record. A few days later, however, on 9 August 2022, he set the new world record with a dive of 120 metres.

Arnauld Jerald keynote speaker

Arnaud Jerald – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Arnaud Jerald touches on topics he closely relates to. These include resilience, goal setting, leadership, and accepting responsibility for yourself. He lives in France and speaks French and English.

Client Feedback

Nous avons eu l’opportunité d’inviter Arnaud lors de notre business plan usine il y’a quelques semaines. Cet échange a été très enrichissant pour chacun et a permis de renforcer nos messages sécurité . Le témoignage d’Arnaud est d’une grande maturité et permet d’insister sur les principes fondamentaux d’une culture sécurité robuste.

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