Belinda Parmar – A renowned expert on empathy, effective leadership and inclusion

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Belinda Parmar OBE, a diversity campaigner and the CEO of The Empathy Business, is committed to transforming the world of work. Belinda has three key talks:

  1. Breaking the Bias: How empathy is the first step to breaking the bias
  2. The Great Resignation: How an empathetic culture can engender loyalty.
  3. Effective leadership and the Human Revolution: How you can transform your culture, one nudge at a time.

Who is Belinda Parmar?

Belinda is the founder of The Empathy Business and a diversity campaigner committed to transforming the world of work using empathy. 

Belinda is the creator of the Global Empathy Index, published in the Harvard Business Review measuring corporate empathy. 

In 2021, she was voted as a top global diversity campaigner and in 2015 she received an OBE for her services to women in technology. 

Belinda works with CEOs and leaders of large companies to embed empathy at scale. 

Her work focuses on effective leadership, language and measurement using the power of empathy. 

Her innovative approach to measurement and cultural transformation has yielded commercial results amongst the most complex companies in the world. Her client list includes Barclays, King, Lloyds, Centrica, Direct Energy, Lexus and the UK government. Belinda is a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum and regularly speaks at Davos. 

Belinda dispels the myths that empathy is about being nice (that’s sympathy) and also that empathy cannot be measured. 

Based on her vast experience of working with large companies, Belinda shows that using ‘nudges’ collective change can be achieved to benefit the financial health of the business and the health of employees.


  • Woman of the Year, Shortlist, 2022
  • Women In Marketing 2021, nominee
  • Top 20 Diversity Champions in 2021
  • Campaigner of the Year; European Diversity Awards, Shortlist, Oct 2021
  • Top 20 Global Diversity Figures in public life in 2020
  • Changemaker 2020 Finalist in the Drum
  • Awarded Champion of Change 2020 commendation by Management Today
  • Listed as one of the UK’s most influential women in tech in 2020 & 2021
  • Received an OBE in 2015 for services to women in technology
  • Spoke at Davos in 2020 & 2019 on Responsible Leadership, Empathy and Mental Health
  • Pioneered the first Global Empathy Index published in the Harvard Business
  • Set up the first ever Empathy Hub within an organisation at Europe’s largest bank
  • Chosen to be a Young Global Leader for The World Economic Forum
  • Voted by Forbes as one of the most innovative women on Twitter


Belinda talks about the power of language in breaking down bias at work. Language is one of the most important tools we have in changing behaviour, yet the language we use at work is transactional, passive and lacks empathy. We use words such as “stakeholders” and “assets”, where we “cascade” information rather than bringing emotion and honesty into our conversations.

In this session, Belinda will cover:

  • How biases are reflected in language, and how this is counter to an inclusive culture.
  • The biases that affect women more than men at work, regarding likeability, performance and confidence.
  • What companies can do to measure and start to #BreaktheBias to create more inclusive cultures.
  • Her own experiences on #BreakingTheBias with Europe’s largest bank, and helping the UK Government with its Covid communications.


Empathic cultures engender great levels of loyalty, as they create a sense of belonging and diversity.
The Great Resignation is a product of frustration, burnout and unhappiness at work. We have a desire to belong, a need to feel heard.
While salary is important, it is no longer the most important motivator for 80% of workers.
In this session, Belinda will cover:

  • How different generations have experienced the pandemic and how Gen Z prioritizes recognition and fulfillment over salary and job security.
  • Simple tools leaders can use to better understand and measure the emotions and needs of different audiences.
  • Best practice regarding how leaders can deliver empathy, based on Belinda’s experience working as Empathy-in-Residence at Barclays bank, Centrica and Lloy


The world of work is being reset, and thanks to the pandemic the importance of well-being is more important than ever. This talk will debunk some of the myths around effective leadership, help you think about empathy as a leadership tool, and illustrate best-in-class examples of empathy in other companies.

In this session, Belinda will cover:

  • How the world of work has changed during the pandemic- emotional burnout, mental health and anxiety.
  • How you can start to think about empathy as an effective leadership tool.
  • Examples of how Belinda has embedded empathy at scale using behavioural science and ‘empathy nudges’ in some of the biggest brands in the world, including Barclays, King, Facebook and the UK Government.