Ben Ryan – Performance Authority, Rugby Coach

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Popular talks include

“How to Create a Culture of Consistently Winning Teams” 

“Inspiring Peak Performance” 

“Psychological Safety for Better Results”

Your next event featuring Ben Ryan will leave no doubt you made the right choice. 

Ben’s insights into mindful development of people, open communication, and knowledge of creating psychologically safe cultures, are renowned. 

As an Olympic gold medal winning coach of the Fiji Rugby 7s team, Ben provides tools and messages that are applicable to any organisation or team.

These include essential factors for establishing and sustaining the right environment that cultivates success, as well as the need to align values and vision with courageous conversations. 

In his powerful and inspiring keynote speeches, Ben discusses the importance of adaptive leadership, how to tap into the deepest areas of personal potential, and effective ways to build trust. 

In order to thrive in today’s competitive world, leaders must be able to mobilise all their resources and utilise the techniques that bring out the very best from every team member.

Ben is the author of the bestseller Sevens Heaven: The beautiful chaos of Fiji’s Olympic dream, in which he shares the amazing journey from Pacific island sand dunes to gold medal history, revealing the authentic lessons required for developing empowered teams and champions. 

In his current role as Director of Elite Performance for Brentford FC, Ben continues to put these tools into practice on a daily basis – truly walking his talk.

As one of the most successful rugby coaches in the history of the game and the man who took Fiji to rugby sevens Olympic gold in Rio 2016, Ben Ryan’s insights into authentic leadership and high-performance cultures are in demand from corporate leaders and organisations wanting to unlock success through maximising human potential.

Ben’s amazing journey to both a gold medal and a remote island of rich culture and rugby talent is not about sport.

His story is about people and how to unleash the champion mindset within every person, player and team to achieve greatness. Ben’s approach to creating the psychological safety necessary for people to deliver their ultimate best performance became legend for Fiji and continues on today in his engagement with corporations and sporting clubs across the globe.

It is late summer 2013.

Ben Ryan, a red-haired, 40-something, spectacle-wearing Englishman, is given 20 minutes to decide whether he wants to coach Fiji’s rugby sevens team, with the aim of taking them to the nation’s first-ever Olympic medal.

He has never been to Fiji.

There has been no discussion of contracts or salary. But he knows that no one plays rugby like the men from these isolated Pacific islands.

In Sevens Heaven, Ben reveals these learnings gleaned from coaching three years at Fiji and makes the connection to the relevance and meaning for mentors, business leaders and organisations.

Ben’s proven approaches to success and achieving audacious goals through aligning vision to values are winning over executives and corporate audiences everywhere.

His frameworks for people empowerment, effective communication and unleashing peak performance are redefining how to develop champion teams and lasting, winning cultures.

Ben Ryan, a man with an audacious plan for Fiji, struck gold… and a plot of land in paradise.

The Telegraph


His audiences include leaders and product teams at some of the largest automotive, communications and technology companies in the world;

  1. His face and historic gold medal (the first medal of any kind for Fiji) moment are depicted on both the Fijian .50 cent piece and the seven-dollar bill;
  2. He received an SMS from Buzz Aldrin congratulating the Fiji 7s team first ever, Gold Medal win in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro;
  3. Ben was accorded the highest order the prestigious ‘Companion of the Order of Fiji’ and is the first non-Fijian Chief with eternal land on the island;
  4. He is an ambassador for HSBC and Fiji Airways, sharing his life-lessons as consultant and role model for business, world-class sporting and youth organisations


Ben absolutely hit the right note and our clients loved him! His session brought the day to a brilliant close; so inspiring and uplifting with some incredibly clear and relevant leadership reflections.
It was also so good of Ben to stay behind and chat to all the people – absolutely wonderful!

Bernadette Meier, Learning & Development Manager – (global law firm)